A couple of position moves

D’Vone McClure is now at LB after playing nickel last year and Greg Brooks is the No. 1 nickel.

sounds great, if Brooks is already #1, then his hs ranking may already be translating to college success!

we need more of these fast guys on the field


I had a feeling this was coming. Will be a great speed edition to the LBer room.

Good to see Brooks making that much progress already, could be a atud

I feel like those are both great moves.

Have talent, will play with this staff.

You either have speed or you are chasing it.

I’d rather take my lumps with a youngster with the requisite skills needed to play a position in the SEC than stick with an older guy that’s a hard worker, but lacks the speed needed to play the position.

It’s a process and will take time, but moves like this are encouraging.

Good stuff and thanks for the update. Brooks is going to be good one before he is finished!

McClure always seemed to be just a step or a half-step away from making plays last year as a nickel/hybrid LB. I think playing him in a more conventional linebacker role probably gives him a better chance to meaningfully contribute.

The way I understand it, McClure is going to be another DB on the field in the dime. That’s the reason to teach him a linebacker spot. I think in the base defense, you will see Harris and Pool. You go dime, then Pool probably comes off the field in favor of McClure. But it’s really a space issue to play one more safety. You are really playing six DBs.

Brooks turns 18 the day before our first game this fall. I wonder what his weight is now. Maybe that will be in the depth chart that Clay is going to publish in an upcoming HI magazine.

Hopefully they are not going to ask McClure to do anything but play zone or cover guys within four or five yards of the ball. He just did not seem fast/quick enough to make plays in most situations last year. Maybe another year in the system will help, and of course playing with more talent around him could also help raise his game.

McClure has the size to play the LB position. Move benefits both players