A couple of position changes

Austin Capps is working as the second-team left guard behind Kirby Adcock.

Montaric Brown has moved from safety to cornerback.

I really hope Ausitn embraces this move. I’ve always seen him as an OL with a chance to play NFL, vs a good college plugger at DL.

Would LOVE to see this work out, and Im much more optimistic about him playing RG than any true frosh.


This tells me that most likely Froholdt will be the starting Center this year.

That is the operational assumption.

I like the move he’s a big strong kid ad in time maybe be able to help us,t would be great for somebody to take over at OG so we can do it but scary thinking about one whole side of the OL with no experience I have been there and had to do that,not a lot of fun.

Buster Brown to corner? Didn’t see that one coming. Hmm. I assumed he would take Santos’ spot next year.

Mason or Foucha more than likely

I think Capps has the ability to play guard, and perhaps at a high level. I hate to throw away two years of SEC DL experience to make him a back up, so I’m hoping that he picks it up quickly and can move into a starter’s role. He also gets a gold star in my book for being willing to switch sides of the ball for the good of the team.

The timing of the move suggests either desperation or some shaky decision making last spring. If they never thought about moving Capps to offense before this week, it looks like desperation. If they wanted to move Capps all along, why not do it late in spring practice or right after spring practice, to give him a couple of months to learn the playbook and work on the mental side of being an SEC OL?

Hopefully Capps steps in and does well this year. It would be in some ways an even better story than our Danish center. It is intriguing to think about him and Froholdt working against spread out defenses on interior runs. Of course, it’s a little frightening to think about him learning to pass block on the fly.

Buzz, I think that the timing results from the (unscheduled) injuries of a couple of our offensive linemen which gave us a shortage in that area. As to the pass blocking on the fly, I was (am) of the impression that he also played offensive line in high school, surely giving him some prior experience in this area. Some times you just gotta do what you gotta do, and (as stated earlier by others) I think that his attitude regarding this change is admirable.

Seems like an obvious move to me; why wasn’t Capps moved last year?

Because the old staff felt it had better options and needed him on defense.

I hope he can make the transition, but as we saw with Froholdt, it’s a learned position, not one you can just plug someone in and expect him to be great or maybe even very good.

Joseph Foucha is the future at safety along with Curl.

Brown adds CB depth in a day and age when Coach Chavis will have 5 DBs on the field a lot last season.

Austin played OL in hs, very well.

Bama really only recruited him as OL

He also played baseball in hs, he really is a remarkable athlete at his size, I really hope he succeeeds at OL for us


I know how well he played it in high school. I wrote probably about 10 stories on him while he was in high school.

There was some thought by the old staff about moving him there, but it never materialized.

He may turn out to be a great one, but expectation shouldn’t be that from day one.

College football is a whole different animal than high school.

The new staff watched all the game film and probably a bunch of practice film before spring practice, and apparently no body said Capps is not good enough to play DL, and no one said "man, we need help on the OL and have two many DTs, maybe Capps could switch.

Then we went all the way through spring practice/offseason. Again, no body said “we need more offensive linemen” or “Capps is wasting his talent trying to be a DL”. So Capps was still a DL going into August.

So I am leaning towards desperation rather than shaky decision making. I don’t think they ever really wanted to move Capps, but did not feel like they had much choice after watching the first week of practice. I also don’t think they moved him to be a back up this year. Which of course is also pretty telling about where we are at with the OL.

I think it’s fair to ask whether they accurately assessed the OL needs/abilities in the spring, and relied too much on staying healthy based on the talent and numbers. They moved Malone back to offense, so they recognized that they had some issues, at least with depth. Should they have done more, such as asking Capps to move, too?

I suppose any time you inherit a roster with some holes in it, you probably are going to have to make some risky assumptions and hope for the best until you can fill in the roster holes via recruiting. In this case, injuries have made a mess out of the assumptions built into the OL depth chart, so now the staff really gets to earn their money, by figuring out a way to get some cohesive line play out of this group.

Fortunately, the staff is used to getting more out of less on the OL at SMU, so this will be a familiar, if unpleasant, problem to overcome. I still think we are going to be potent on offense, but that is because we’ve got skill position talent and a system that can be high octane.

I wasn’t trying to offend you, sorry if I did.

I have wanted AC to play OL since he arrive here, I’ve expressed that opinion repeatedly, and I’ve been ridiculed and faced posts like this EVERY time I post. which is odd since this board is generally one of the friendlist onces around. although not during basketball season usually.

Anyway, I’m good friends with on of AC’s his coaches, and it’s long been his, and several college coaches’ during recruitment, opinion that AC’s chance at NFL was on OL. And AC seems like a great kid, so I want him to make it to the NFL, so I think it’s a win-win for him to play OL for us.

What in the world have I done or said to make you so touchy/irritable towards me?


Does the progression of Armon Watts and maybe another DT make this switch possible? Do the coaches still make this move if we didn’t feel good about the 2nd or 3rd string DL?

I don’t think it will take Capps long to be good on the OL. I like the move for the Hogs, and him.

If this new staff can overcome what was left on O line with glue and scotch tape somehow, it might be a fun season.

And, we still don’t know that he won’t . . . NEXT year, when Santos is gone.

Who knows what will happen then? But this, to me, means that he’s more likley to see the field THIS year at corner. Nothing more.