A couple of observations from the South Carolina game

  1. College basketball is now being officiated like high school basketball. Every little touch is a foul.
    When did this start? I got season basketball tickets for the first time in several years, and I am
    surprised at the lack of physicality in the game. Inside play is still physical, but out on the floor is
    called way too tight.

  2. Bud Walton still looks really good after 25 years, but we need to upgrade the PA system. I have
    good hearing, but everything that comes from the announcers and those roving people with
    mics is garbeled and not crisp.

  3. The fans are returning to Bud Walton with Coach Mussleman. The crowds have been large and
    really enthusiastic. How can a recruit not like this? It has to be the best game atmosphere in the
    SEC except for maybe Kentucky.

Bud Walton will get another facelift soon. Hunter Yurachek promises that. It will be fan friendly as far as loge seating and amenities. If you watch a Houston home game, you get the idea of what’s coming. The seating capacity will be reduced, but there are going to be some lower level loge suites that are spectacular. There are several other projects going on that have to be finished first – like the new baseball clubhouse and the new offices, locker rooms for track in the south end of John McDonnell Track.

Texas Tech floor looks SOOOO much better on television by the contrast chosen and yet it is functionally the same design. Just an impression on television which makes a big first impression.

The quality of the photos presented and the angle make this not a fair comparison. Also I am pretty sure that is also not the most current photo of the floor.

While there may be some updates needed to the floor, what you have displayed is not a fair representation.

I was like “what’s with the block letters for Richardson’s signature and where’s the outline of the state?”

That is not a picture of Nolan Richardson Court. It’s similar but has some things wrong. The state of Arkansas is “underneath” the razorback at central court (similar to the TT court), and Nolan’s signature is included along with a small slobbering hog along the sidelines.

That is not the way the Arkansas court turned out. Not close.

The Nolan Richardson court is nice. It looks great, but is not so decorative to get in the way of the game. Some of these courts are too creative and make the game more difficult to view. They are distracting.

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