A couple of notes

Patrick Wicklander will start tomorrow. That is the only starter Dave Van Horn will announce before the series.

Zebulon Vermillion is back on the roster this week.

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Here’s a thought

Probably won’t happen after 180+ pitches last week

But let’s say we win game one easily and DONT have to use Superman

Would we consider STARTING him in Game Two?

I know the answer is no, because the way he has been used before has been so effective. But man, wouldn’t that add to the legend?

I think the only scenario in which Kopps might start is if he hasn’t been used by Game 3.

Glad Vermillion is back. He doesn’t seem to go very many outs, but can do well in short stints. Maybe we can score a lot of runs & build a large enough margin that we don’t use KK until Saturday. In that scenario, I can see putting him in early to shut down NCS and perhaps avoid a game 3.

There’s a lot of pressure on Wick to go out and slow this team down. He likes to pound the zone and his location will have to be pinpoint bc as Tenn proved he gets the ball in the zone he can be hit and NCS better hitting team than Tenn. Hopefully his CB will be sharp and he can hit the corners and can attack the upper part of the zone.

I really think if Noland is on he might be effective against this team with 7 RH Batters in the lineup,his sinker and really hard breaking CB could be tough on them but he really hasn’t been as consistent as we would like so we will see who we go with in game 2.
I would be nervous to throw Lockhart in game 2 bc they would be seeing 2 LH in a row and you let a team get comfortable seeing the ball out of the same release point it could be trouble.I know NEB squared him up really well,I think that had something to do with it.

I have been thinking the same thing. I think Noland could be a major factor in this series. He is trending in terms of form.

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Start it out below the waist Conner, I’m thinking Saturday to finish it out.

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