A couple of notes on incoming kids

OL Silas Robinson will be competing in the shot and discus at the state meet this weekend. He has bests of 48-8 in the shot and 152 in the discus. He hope to throw 55 and 180 this weekend. He said he’s around those numbers in practice. All about getting his technique right.

DE Nick Fulwider has maxed at 300 on his power clean and 305 on the bench. Both pretty impressive considering his length.

I am sure I will get flamed for an observation because I am a track guy. Anyway, I am sure he is a great football recruit and I am glad we have him but those numbers are a little above average for those events at that level. His energy and effort will be football from now on.

The all time Arkansas high school boys discus record is 189’9” I believe, so if he can go 180’, that’s pretty good - for a football player! And a long way above average.

I understand your point but disagree. It says that has has not thrown that far. It stated that He has only thrown in the 150, range not 180. He has also thrown under 50’ in the shot The shot record in Oklahoma and Texas is over 60’. In Texas and Oklahoma the record for the discus is over 200’. His current best throws in both events is better than average when at a state track meet. Still glad that we have him as a FOOTBALL player.

Why would get flamed for speaking facts?

The shot record for Arkansas is also over 60.


65-10 by Paul White in 1974.

I forgot he threw 69 in Cal that same year.

http://www.rivervalleyleader.com/sports … b2370.html

Congrats! Happy for him to finish on a high note!

Also we do not know what kind of coaching he received for his events in track. Both are very much technique driven once you get to mid-fifties and over 160. It at least shows he has a little bit of quickness and coordination.