A couple of more transfers

Curtis Washington Jr. and Kevin Heinrich have entered the transfer portal.

I hate to see Washington, Jr. transfer, but I’m not surprised. There are so many talented outfielders on the team already, that it’s hard to break into the lineup.

Agreed, really like him, sat next to his family/friends one time at a midweek when he got to play, could tell he loved being a Hog

Washington does surprise me. Dang I hate to see him leave. Loved his speed and thought he was going to really be something.

I thought Washington had the potential to be among our best players. Hate to see him go

This one stings. An Arkansas kid that wanted to be a hog and he couldn’t bust into the starting lineup and with the amount of talent on the team and the incoming class coming in he needs to go where he has a chance to play!
I hope he has success and gets to play at his next stop!

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