A couple of Chris Moore questions

I have never seen this young man play. I have no doubt from all that I have read however, that he is a fantastic high school player and will play high D-1 basketball somewhere. I keep reading that he is projected to grow another 3-4 inches. When I first heard of Chris, he was a ninth grader playing varsity basketball and was said to be 6’6 and around 200 pounds.Today he is now a high school junior and said to be 6’6 and 210 pounds. Does a growing body pause for a couple of years then kick into over drive around the age of seventeen? I find this unlikely. From what I understand, Chris has been a post player in high school. What position is he projected to play at the next level? What if he remains around 6’6? I know that Corliss was a fantastic low block scorer and was most likely only around 6’5. While Chris Moore appears to be lean and strong, he is not the block of chiseled granite that Big Nasty was and probably remains. I understand that he runs well and really finishes on the break, but how good are his ball handling skills? What is his shooting range? I’m not doubting at all his worthiness of receiving an offer from the Hogs. I hope we get him. I’m just curious as to what kind of player we would be getting and what his role on the team would be?

From the footage I seen on him he’d be a 4 in our system. His current physical attributes… 6’6 210 are very similar to Adrio Bailey’s who starts at the 4 spot with us, although I think Moore’s upside in much higher and I think they are different type of players. Moore is much more aggressive on the block and he can handle the ball better and better at attacking the rim. He’s also been working on his shot and extending his range.

Thanks Blu. This may not be a popular comparison around here right now, but his game as you describe it, sounds a little like the departed Da Hall of Depaul. That’s not a bad thing, as I think that Da Hall with a good head on his shoulders would have been a very good player for us.

I have the same questions abut his growth. Guess the answer is we’ll see.

He’ll be a 3-4 in college. He’s been working on his ball handling because he knows he needs that going forward. He can hit the jumper beyond the paint, but isn’t a threat from three.

If there’s a guy that plays bigger than his size it’s Chris. No one gives max effort like Chris. He’s probably the hardest playing prospect I’ve seen.

Now keep in mind, all I’ve seen is highlights and small game clips during this session in AAU, I’m sure RD and Dudley will give you a better feel for him, but if I had to make a recent Hog comparison from what I’ve seen, first person I thought of was Charles Thomas after watching a few minutes of him. They have a lot of similarities in body build and the way they play the game. To me I can’t think of a better comparison, so many things that Moore does that screams Charles Thomas. Charles was 6’7 220 when he stepped on campus, Moore is a little bit smaller than that right now, but he still has 2 years before he steps on a college campus, wouldn’t be surprising at all if he was 6’7 or 6’8 and 220+ by the time he plays his first college game.

Well a Charles Thomas with a high motor or an Aaron Ross with good knees would be a very good player.

Must have. Don’t find kids with that kind of motor. A winner. Must have.

Moore is a power guy with big-time moves that can get any shot he wants in the paint, while D-Hall was more of a slasher whose outside shot got better as he went along.

They are both high-risers, but Moore is much more physical and appears to not have an ounce of body fat on him.

He is and will be much more highly recruited than Hall because of his ceiling.

Chris Moore reminds me of some of those 4 year ALL SEC guys that just tear it up. Like Grant Willams currently.

He is definitely a tweener at this point of his growth. His height is the reason why he does not have a Calipari offer. If he grows, look out. I hope he grows after he commits to us, not before.