A couple of BB names to keep an eye on

PG Teyvion Kirk of Joliet West in Illinois and PG Chris Darrington of Vincennes JC.

Kirk signed with Drake during the early signing period but was given a release after the HC was let go.

Darrington had 33 points, 10 rebounds and 4 assists during last night’s game at the NJCAA national tourney.

Wing Zhaire Smith visited Texas over the weekend and is expected to visit Texas Tech this weekend. The Hogs are working to get the last OV.

Sounds like Smith may be a long shot now, I thought we were in the drivers seat.

Nothing has changed…he talked about taking these visits awhile back…

I guess the wording of “trying to get last visit” sounded like he was considering not officially visiting at all, which would be good if we blew him away on unofficial.

Smith iis not a longshot, but I know of no one that said Arkansas was in the driver’s seat.

What I did say was that I thought Texas Tech and Arkansas had the best shots at this point.

Chris Darrington, 6-1, 185

21 points per game
4.6 assists
3.1 rebounds
44.9 - FG %
44.1 - 3 point %
80 - FT %

Teyvion Kirk, 6-3, 180

15 points, 4.7 assists

Signed with Drake, but got release after head coach Ray Giacoletti stepped down

Just watched some highlights of Darrington, I really like his game, he can really shot the ball and he’s a quick PG that can get into the lane.

Watched highlights too. Looks like a really good scorer. Not sure thats what we need at that position, at least next year. The ball seems to stick with him…a lot if dribbling on the perimiter. If he could be a legit PG that is what we need.

I’ve done quite a bit of reading on him. He’s a combo guy that played the point for the first time this year.