A couple changes

OLB coach Chad Walker will recruit the Houston area while DC Paul Rhoads will be in Oklahoma.

It’s been known that DL Coach John Scott Jr. will recruit Atlanta and Ga. in addition to the Carolinas.

Richard CBB is really stepping up a game plan to penetrate the Texas market! Also he has shown he will go anywhere needed to see a good prospect.

Having Chevin in the 17 class and getting Bumper and Byron for 18 only helps.

I think this is an important point, Army. Some people on this board seem to think that recruiting Arkansas, Texas and maybe Louisiana is sufficient. Spoiler alert: It isn’t. While we need to hit those states hard, we need to hit a lot more than that if we’re going to compete in the SEC West. Use our connections in Florida and Georgia. Use our connections in the upper Midwest. Go anywhere that there’s a kid with talent who is interested in testing himself in the toughest conference in the country.

Your right Swine. Footprints have to made!
How many scholarships do we have for the next class?

Around 16. I can see that number going up though.