A comment on Clay's comment about KJ in his "Best and Worst" column

Clay mentions that KJ is just a fraction of a completion percentage behind the number Felipe Franks posted last season, and that’s true. However, statistically, KJ’s season has been - overall - better than Felipe’s.

This is not to denigrate what Franks did for/gave us last year. His contribution was critical to the success we had in crawling out of the gutter. That said, KJ has produced numbers better in every single passing statistic, aside from completion percentage…where, as noted, he is just a hair behind.

But KJ is ahead in yards per completion, yards per pass attempted, number of TD’s, % of passes thrown for TD, number of interceptions, % of passes intercepted and - of course - rushing yards are all in KJ’s favor.

In fact, it may surprise people to find out that at this point in the season, KJ is rated #6 in total passing efficiency in FBS. For comparison, Matt Coral is #19.

KJ had a hell of a November.


KJ should contend for Heisman next year


He should and set high goals.

Get that man an OL…

He got much better as this season progressed. He is going to be an absolute nightmare for defensive players next year. We sure need him to stay healthy, and we need to see some real progress from a back-up QB. Our offense may be even more dangerous next year with more weapons and more speed.

I figured out that if he has an accurate bowl game, say 22 of 30 passing, he’ll break Franks’ record.

KJ was amazing all year, but especially in November. My only issue was when to tuck and run on roll outs. Of course, those are much easier to see from the TV or up in stands. He my also have been told to save the body.

I not sure who if anyone I would trade him for. I remember Sam saying in the spring game that he was sure proud he is our QB. I concur

Franks was very good, but KJ is better imo (and that’s without looking at statistics).

KJ has a chance to be the best we ever had, imo.

Really, the comparison is apples to oranges. Franks played all SEC games. KJ got four non SEC foes.

KJ was also a first year starter. He’s gotten better every game it seems.

The trump card in KJ’s favor is that his team beat Texas and won eight games. :slight_smile:

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