A comedy of errors.

Rawleigh fumble at goalline with a clear path.

Reed unforced fumble in red zone.

Missed blocks on goalline by your only Senior OL.

Out-thinking ourselves in the red zone.

Schemed for a QB TD before half.

Bone-headed Targeting on a great play by Pulley.

Coach Karma (who I love) saying TAMU QB can’t throw in halftime interview.

Annual blown coverage (by Santos–no help over the top for no reason) on a one-man route for a 90+ yard TD. Blown replay on a clear TD.

Losing a TD on a play that was clearly a TD.

Just gave it away. Like always against TAMU.

When Reed fumble it was around A&M 40 not the red zone. I agree with a lot of what you say, but IMO the better team won. Allen was damn near perfect on 3rd down too.

Yup. My error.

The frustrating aspect of the Reed fumble is that we run that play about four times a game. It’s not one in which you expect the exchange to be flubbed. Without that fumble, the late hit, and the strip at the goal line A&M might have been scoreless at half.

That was all on Reed, AA put the ball in the bread basket, Reed was looking up at the DE already before securing the ball and botched the exchange.

Running that play toward Garrett was the problem. Reed would have had yet another lost-yardage play.

The Aggies could not cover the broad side of a barn, and we kept trying to run into the teeth of an overloaded line. Our team let up late because it lost faith in the plan. The coaches gave them a bad plan. Austin Allen sometimes made up for the bad plan with great throws, but it was a bad plan.

Our coach cannot figure out how to beat the Aggies because he is handicapping his team with outmoded beliefs. We couldn’t cripple ourselves any worse than by running four times on the goal line. Our best offensive players are our passer and pass-catchers. Simply because Bielema wants the Hogs to be who they are not, we try over and over to do the lowest-odds plays. Our coach forced our offense to lead with weakness.

This is why their effort let down. I do not blame them.

Well explained RR. IMO the best team won. It should have been extremely close but wasn’t because of a multitude of things, not the least that TAMU is visibly bigger, stronger, and faster and we were outcoached for sure last night. Allen continues to impress! Now we have to regroup and shoot for the wins one at a time. WPS!

I disagree on the goal line situation. AA was either hurried, hit or sacked on over 30% of the passing downs. You don’t get cute with a pass when on the goal line. You put it on your OL. You have to be able to score that way if you want to win a championship.

Wow! A public shaming of CBB and I agree totally. Deserves to get called out. Just surprised anyone would do it on this site.