A classic bit of humor for a slow football week

I was reading a thread elsewhere about Hog games that had notoriously affected by bad calls, and there was quite a bit of chatter about the 2009 Florida game - and with good reason! We all remember the multiple bogus calls that literally cost us that game.

That reminded me of one call in the game that - ultimately - did go (correctly) our way . . . but not until after much unnecessary consternation.

In the 3rd quarter, with the tie scored at 13, we faced a third and long (17) from our own 25. Mallet dropped back, and then hit Greg Childs streaking down the right sideline around midfield. Childs caught the ball and zig-zagged his way across the field, finally getting tackled just as he (was about to?) cross the goal line. He fumbled, but immediately got up and covered the ball, clearly before it went out of the back of the EZ. Touchdown Arkansas - right?

Well, for unknown reasons, the play flummoxed the officials, who reviewed it for almost 4 minutes before deciding that the TD call was correct. In the meantime, CBS showed the replay multiple times. Gary Danielson focused on the fumble, and whether it occurred before or after Childs had crossed the plane of the goal line. That’s bad enough, since it was irrelevant; Childs went on to recover the fumble (if there was one - that is, if he hadn’t been ruled to have already crossed the line, after which the play is dead). So, EVEN IF HE DID FUMBLE BEFORE HE GOT IT IN, it was still a TD.

But poor Verne Lundquist took the cake on this one. While Danielson’s comments were at least somewhat understandable (Childs did lose the ball as he was crossing the goal), Verne wondered “if they would rule it an incomplete pass”. In what universe does someone catch the ball, run with it for 40-50 yards, and then be ruled to have not caught the ball if he fumbles when hit? The answer is no KNOWN universe.

I had remembered that this moment was caught in classic form by an Arkansas family who - by random chance - had decided to record the father of the household watching his Razorbacks play. When I watch this, I identify so closely with this guy. I vividly remember watching the game on TV myself, and I was yelling almost the exact same things at the screen during the “review”.



Hilarious. I’ve seen that before, but it’s still funny. I agree the “incomplete pass” question was incredible. Also, I never understood why it mattered if he fumbled or not since he recovered in the EZ.

I remember seeing that live and saying what in the he** is Verne thinking!!!

I remember watching this game at a Dallas Razorback Club watch party… and yelling similar things to the TV during this event… there were a lot of opportunities to yell at the TV during this game :slight_smile:

Fun times…

That’s priceless.

There was a similar issue in the 2014 Ole Miss game, the one where we shut out the Rebnecks 30-0 the week after we shut out LSU to finally get Bielema’s first SEC win.

You remember when Rohan Gaines picked off Bo Wallace at the goal line and took it back 100 yards for a touchdown. There was an official review after the play, which made no sense to me at the time sitting in the stands. Only after watching highlights a few times did I figure it out. Rebneck WR Cody Core caught Gaines and stripped the ball as he crossed the goal line. They were looking to see if the fumble came before he scored. BUT WE RECOVERED THE BALL IN THE END ZONE ANYWAY SO IT DIDN’T MATTER. Just like the Childs play at Gainesville.

As a side note, I think Gaines actually did fumble before the goal line. Not sure who recovered, but I think it was Tevin Mitchel. However, Gaines was credited with the 100-yard TD return because the refs did not confirm the fumble/TD recovery after review.

As for what Verne said during the Florida game, two points: One, Verne is older than dirt. He retired from CBS at age 76. Yes, Vin Scully kept broadcasting long after 76, but Vin stopped doing LA road trips in 2005, when he was 77, and knew one team intimately; Verne and Gary were doing different teams in different cities every week, although I think he could establish legal residence in Tuscaloosa as much time as he spent there. Two, if you spend any time watching NFL games, you can be forgiven if you’re confused about what constitutes a completed pass.

That’s really funny! I showed it to my wife cause she is like that watching Texas games. And she admitted she is like that.

I actually like Verne. Remember him from my first year in Dallas (1976), when he was hosting “Bowling for Dollars”. But he totally lost his mind for a minute or two that day.

As for what constitutes a catch, or course, what you say is true (and it drives me NUTS!!!). But you really can’t use that excuse in a case where the receiver toted the ball 40+ yards after making the catch.

Oranges and Apples. It was a brain fart, plain and simple.

That was great…although it brings back painful memories. That crew stole that win. I was there too.

The officiating in that game was the worst in SEC football history according to the SEC office… the entire crew was suspended and that had never happened before or since. None of them wanted to see Tebow cry again…

I’ve tried to forget that day, but that play is worth recalling.Thanks, Dave. It just speaks to how crazy everything about that game was and why Marc Curles should have been sent to the Mountain West.

That was so good…so funny…unfortunately the guy reminds me of me except I am much crazier than he is. People stare at me like they did at Norman Bates in the movie Psycho. I used to beat the crap out of anything that wasn’t nailed down trying to watch a game. My wife and I got married in 1980 and I had a large plant from a previous marriage. It was a Texas game and I lost it and beat the leaves off that plant. The only thing left was a stalk about 3 feet high sticking out of a pot. She nursed it back to health and we still have the plant 38 years later.