A chink in the Saban armor?

Have to confess this didn’t occur to me originally when I heard Nick Saban say he had not even been aware that the election was last Tuesday, he didn’t vote, and that he felt he wasn’t qualified to decide whether Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton should become leader of the free world, because he was totally focused on other things (like beating Moo U). This didn’t occur to me because that’s almost what I would have expected Saban to say. He doesn’t deal with distractions, and an election during football season is a distraction.

But I have read a number of media critiques of that stance that hit home with me. Saban is paid a lot of money to win football games, true, and he’s very good at it. But he’s also been entrusted with the lives of about 115 Crimson Tide athletes for up to five years. It does not sound like he even encouraged them (mostly eligible for their first presidential election) to vote.

And more than one writer thought that this is something that other schools could use against Saban in recruiting – that his laser focus on football uber alles maybe is not the best idea when he’s also trying to mold young men for four or five formative years of their lives. This very well could be the most important election of our lifetime, and it’s not worth Nick Saban’s attention?

Again, this isn’t political. Saban didn’t even vote. If he had, I figure he would have voted for Trump; I expect football coaches to be conservative politically. But Saban didn’t bother to cast his ballot, or even know there was an election in progress; a complete disconnect from the world around him.


According to later reports, he filed an absentee ballot

One of the issues the Dolphins had about him, is one of the players went down after a practice. The trainers thought possible heart attack. Saban simply stepped over him and went to his office. Said he wasn’t sure what to do. If that isn’t a tool to use against him, then I don’t think him not voting or telling kids to vote or not will be much more effective.

Maybe our coaches shouldn’t vote. Who on here wouldn’t trade undefeated teams, national championships, sec championship, major bcs bowls , and top recruiting classes for a coach that didn’t vote. If that’s all they have to whine about in Alabama I don’t sympathize w them at all

I am in agreement Swine Fusion. There would be the occasional mom who would not be impressed.

Definitely not a chink, probably not even a scratch.

I would probably agree with HogQ. There might be a parent that might not like to hear it, but don’t see it being a big deal overall.

I remember when Lou Holtz was on the Jesse Helms bandwagon.

Took a lot of heat for that.

Helms Endorsement Criticized

He came under criticism recently for making two television commercials endorsing the re-election of Senator Jesse Helms, the North Carolina Republican.

The president of Arkansas, Dr. James E. Martin, said on Dec. 12 that he planned to ask ‘‘the appropriate people’’ whether Holtz had violated school policy.

‘‘Our faculty and staff are certainly citizens and can express their opinions,’’ Dr. Martin said then. ‘‘We do have a policy prohibiting the use of university facilities and symbols in expressing those opinions, but I haven’t seen the commercials.’’

Holtz has said that the commercials, taped in his university office, were not political, calling them ‘‘generally an endorsement of Senator Helms as a person.’’ The men have been friends since Holtz coached at North Carolina State from 1972 through 1975.


Personally, without any info what so ever, I think Saban is going to go out on top. Win the national title, retire and go into broadcasting.