A charge and a block called on same play

In last night’s Hog’s basketball game vs K State, one basketball official call a block and another a charge on the same play and 2 fouls were accessed? I thought it had to be either a charge or a block!

First time I’ve ever seen that. Agree, thought it had to be one or the other, can’t be both. Obviously, I was wrong.

Yeah, I find it hard to believe that was a correct call. Certainly doesn’t seem fair that both players get a foul call. Every time I’ve seen that happen in a game the refs confer and one foul is called. Sometimes the 3rd ref breaks the tie, if he got a look at the play.

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When they explained it to the coaches neither seemed to get too worked up over it, just accepted it and played on. So I figured it must be some obscure rule that’s rarely called since neither coach acted like it bothered them. It benefitted the Hogs since it was originally called (and looked like) a charge on them, but they ended up back with the ball. So understandable Muss wouldn’t object.

1 red called a block the other called a charge once they talked neither would change their call.

Since neither ref would change his call, it became a double foul. When two people foul each other, no free throws are awarded and the ball remains with the team that had possession at the time of the foul. That does happen sometimes, particularly on two people battling for rebounding position who are elbowing each other.

If I’m a ref you better believe im never changing my call for anybody :laughing:

In the men’s game the mechanic is for it to be a foul in both players or a blarge as we call it. In the women’s game we come together and it is one or the other.

I disagree with that interpretation by the refs. It is either a charge or a block. Can’t be both. Under your interpretation, I can envision a situation where both players fouled each other (eg fighting for a loose ball or a rebound) . Here there was just one incident and it can’t be both a block and a charge. If that is really the rule that is just idiotic. Simple answer is to go to replay but I have no idea if this is reviewable.

See the post from rocket above. He’s indicating that it can absolutely be a double foul.

Then there’s a false double foul which is a whole 'nother variety of weird…

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Two football players can be called and even ejected for the same play. Same with basketball. Refs do huddle and one ref may change his call if he feels another had a better view (like baseball umpires), but if one called charge and one called a block, it’s a double foul. I’ve had that happen; my partner saw one thing and I saw another. I’ve also seen fouls called away from each other; player 1 fouls player A while he’s driving, and at the same time, player B fouls player 2 under the basket, etc. And, I’ve called several “false double fouls”, and that confuses everyone.

Yeah false double fouls confuse everyone. Every time.

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