A change

If a change were made I just hope the A D has someone in mind or it could turn into a cluster.

You would think at any time the AD would have a list of guys that he would consider as a replacement. You never know when there could be a life threatening illness,unexpected death,scandal and many other reasons you need to have a direction you would want to go. Don’t know you would get the AD to admit that but I’ll bet he has a short list of where he would start making calls.WPS

Just because you have a list doesn’t mean it still can’t turn into a cluster. Billy Gillispie and Dana Altman were both on our list in 2007. We wound up with John Pelphrey.

What’s so amazing we have been to the post season 4 out of the last 5 years. If you aren’t blind you would know we have been fed to the N. Carolina twice and one of those times we had them beat! The refs took over and had a choice of walk, charging or an over the back and swallowed their whistle. About as bad as the LSU game this year!
If you want to go back to the Stan Heath years you need to rewind the tape.
CMA isn’t going anywhere.