A candid conversation with a coach

I’ve not posted this yet, but I attended the signing day event in December and one of our assistant coaches walked up and introduced himself to me and my father. We visited for a few minutes and he shared some info. I thought this board would find intetesting:

  1. Notre Dame - not LSU - is the team that came in and muddied the waters late with Devin Bush.

  2. He said we’d likely keep Spivey but would have to fight off Ole Miss and possibly Texas because they had struck out on backs in the early period - I wonder if they ever reached out?

  3. Said there was a certain in state player they were not high on and Tim Horton knew that and also knew if Auburn offered - a non commitable offer - it would put pressure on the staff to sign him.He said they faded that heat, trusted their evaluation, and did not really pursue him. The kid went elsewhere in the SEC. Will be interesting to see how he does. He said this type of gamesmanship is a common occurrence. PS The kid could not at any point have committed to Auburn.

  4. He said “I know you were very disappointed but please stick with us because we have a plan. Next year will be better, but likely still a little disappointing. 2020 we will field a football team that will be very competitive week in and week out.” I appreciated his candor.

  5. Said they want to sign at lest six kids from DFW and East Texas each year.

  6. They were shocked at our lack of team speed.

  7. Said he did not know this for a fact, but had heard from others the previous staff did not do a good job of due diligence with respect to injuries suffered in high school by some of our signees and it had contributed to some of our attrition issues.

He was very impressive to visit with - can see why he’s such a good recruiter.

I’m excited for them to have a full team of their recruits.

Our offensive talent will be worlds ahead of what we are used to, and I personally can’t wait. I think it’ll be 2020 or 2021 like he said before we are truly competitive. I don’t have big expectations for Thai coming season. I think our defense will be very young and cost us several games. I think it’ll be close to a 6 win team if everything goes our way, and a 4 win season if not.

Either way, progress.

If they get to six I’ll be thrilled - a complete rebuild is underway and will take time.

I really hope when we make the trip to South Bend we’ll all see a very competitive team that will have a legit chance to win.

It will be interesting to see how some of our recruits with injuries will respond. Catalon and Burks (before injury) were players that pretty much could have gone anywhere if they wanted to be wide open in recruiting. If they return to form they’re both big-time talents.

Oh and my guess is Darius Thomas.

Agree on Catalon and Burks - obviously hope they respond well.

Dr.Jimmy Tucker is working with Treylon. A friend recently had surgery performed by Tucker and was there for a check up in December and Burks was in the waiting room that same day. Told my friend then he was ahead of schedule.


I am looking forward to football for next year and the following years. These coaches have already proven they know how to evaluate and recruit. Exciting football next.

Here is my sleeper in the class:

Hanna the PWO from Greenwood…needs a year or two to gain some weight and strength but great frame…tenacious, good instincts, good fundamentals (has been very well coached) and Greenwood kids certainly know how to win. He had legitimate PWO offers from Bama and TCU. Will be a contributor by 2020 and beyond.

great insight. thanks for sharing

Love these kind of posts… I’m not going to lose sleep on the 2019 Hog record but want to see progress on both sides of the ball and looks/feels like the team is discipline. 2020 should be the first year we can make a splash and hold the staff accountable for a finished product.

No doubt CCM and his staff did a great job recruiting which was a necessity to rebuild the program. I think we will win between 4/6 games and to me it comes down to a couple things, one is if the two Juco Oline men can play at a high level as mediocrity from these two could prove devastating and how well we develop the talent we have from our previous and incoming players. I’m not expecting a big swing in our defensive play but do expect to be slightly better. I’m trying to keep this real and not set unrealistic expectations on this staff and players as we have to be in for the long haul. WPS


Hanna’s mother was a marine and is now a lawyer. He comes from a large family. His grandfather founded Hanna Oil and Gas. He was an old wildcater. I think he will be mentally and physically tough and a hard worker.

Jackson’s post is interesting and I will add that if you are out of state, it’s easy to extend an offer that you know you probably don’t have to stand behind. If you are recruiting an in-state player, you better not offer unless you are sure that you want the player. It’s going to come back to get you sooner or later. I do think this staff does a great job in the early evaluations. And, they do offer early. I continue to see where players say they got their first offer from Arkansas and then the flood gates opened for them. They remember that first offer. It is meaningful. There is value in being first, but there is more value in being right. Jalen Catalon’s first offer came from Chad Morris and SMU. He hasn’t fogotten that. Maybe that was an easy evaluation, but it still takes a bit of courage to jump out there when a player is in the 10th grade.

My son had ACL surgery with Tucker. He never had any issues and he was always ahead of schedule. Tucker was really great to deal with from start to finish.