A breakdown of JD Notae's regular-season threes

I re-watched each game this season so I could catalogue every field goal attempt for each player and attach context and location. I thought it would give me an even better idea of which shots guys were best and worst at, and where they were better off and worse off taking them.

Here are the returns on JD Notae’s three-point attempts through the regular season:

Catch-and-shoot threes
Left corner: 3/14
Left wing: 9/40
Top of key: 8/20
Right wing: 11/32
Right corner: 1/6

Off-the-dribble threes
Left corner: 0/1
Left wing: 11/46 (started the season 1/13)
Top of key: 13/23
Right wing: 11/27
Right corner: 0/1


Wow. . very valuable information. Have you shared with Muss?

His info is undoubtedly infinitely better lol

Eye opening stats! JD is actually a better “off the dribble” 3 point shooter. Virtually all we fans have been calling for him to stop shooting those. Take better 3-point shots with his feet set, etc. Pretty amazing.

One question. Are you including his "fake a shot, one dribble, side step when a defender runs at him, as an off the dribble 3? He has always been very accurate on those? That seems to be different than multiple dribbles into the 3 point shot. His feet are always re-set on that shot.

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The shot-fake, size-step three is an off-the-dribble three. I count it as that. I’m not sure what he shot percentage-wise on those. I’d bet it’s really solid.

It will be interesting to see if he continues to take corner 3s and, if so, if opponents challenge him at all if he does. He takes very few, maybe only in low clock situations. With the percentage it probably should be limited to that. If he can’t draw a defender by making a decent percentage, what’s the point?

He rarely takes corner threes. I’d venture to say a majority of the corner attempts came in transition, the limited instances when he was the 2-guard in the lineup or on scramble situations when you simply try to gravitate to an open area of the floor for a shot. He’s so good working between the lane lines and understands that, so he operates there a lot.

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