A bit of personal news...

About two weeks ago, my wife Petra went in for her annual mammogram and there was a problem.

She ended up having to biopsy and we just thankfully got word that it was benign.

Having lost my first wife to cancer, you can imagine where my head has been the last couple of weeks.

If I have been an @&*!** to anyone, I apologize.


But she did break her wrist after falling while dancing in heels on New Year’s Eve and we have been to the emergency room and doctor’s office the last two days.

Surgery on Friday morning at 6:30 a.m. (apparently there is a time such as that), but we’ll certainly take the wrist injury over the other thing.

I put all this up for one main reason. If you are a woman, make sure to get those yearly mammograms.

If you are a boyfriend, husband, girlfriend, loved one, dad, brother, etc - encourage your love ones to get that done yearly.

Life is sooo strange isn’t it, DD? All in all, the week was a win…but prayers anyway for a speedy recovery for your wife.
I assume trying to keep up with you on the dance floor would cause many of us to lose our balance.

I was one of the many husbands that had tapped out. She was dancing with some of other wives in our group.

That heel thing got her.

I look cool when I dance, but it’s all about the smooth, slow movements.

I stay in my lane.

Oh man Dudley, I’m so happy about the biopsy as I know you are! Been there, done that with my wife 12 years ago and luckily she beat it. Worst year of my life watching her go through all that treatment and crap. Sucks about the wrist but whew…

As Dudley says, get your mammograms done people(or the women of yours)!

Oh Dudley I cannot even imagine what was going through your mind waiting for the mammogram results! You are exactly right in that every woman should have a mammogram every year. Definitely be thinking of you come Friday! Thank you for the update!

Will be praying for her and you…cancer is horrible and broke wrist I’m sure is no fun…

What a scare Dudley. I can’t imagine after what you’ve been through.

My sweet niece who is a lawyer in Fayettville has breast cancer. She is like our own. The doctors are aggressively doing all they can but it’s tough for her, her husband and 2 girls.

So tough.

God bless you Dudley and Petra! I will pray for you both and healing!

Thankful to hear this. Praying the surgery and recovery are perfect!

Prayers for you and her. Hope to hear good reports soon!

Glad to hear your wife got a clean bill of health on the biopsy. I’m sure it seemed like forever waiting on the results. Ouch on the wrist injury though.

BTW, you haven’t been an $;/@& here that I recall, so what if you were, probably provoked.

Happy New Year

Prayers for a quick recovery and that the rest of the year treats y’all better than this.

Thankful for the good news with Petra. Always bad to
break something, but weighed against the good it will
be alright in the end.

Your a good man Dudley. You’ve seen, felt and dealt with more family heart break and sadness for a man your age than I’d ever ever wanna dare to deal with. I’ve teared up looking at my phone or computer several times over the years of being a member of this board reading your posts thinking dear Lord in heaven how much more can a man take. I’m one of the many on here who are more of the quiet contributers to the board or to Bo’s show. I listen and read. Study recruiting and the schedule closely. Go to fb, bb and bb games or listen or watch. I’ve Never heard you complain Dudley. Not once. Your a good man. I really really enjoy reading your articles and recruiting news and hearing you once a week on Bo’s show. You have a great laugh and funny sense of humor. I hope I get to meet you in person someday. I’m really really happy to hear about the positive news you just posted and I hope her ankle heals quickly also. You and Richard Davenport are good men and I really appreciate what y’all bring to us fans. I know y’all take so much BS from so many when a kid picks another school but I imagine after some things you’ve went through in life it makes that stuff much easier to just let roll off your back.
Thanks man for everything. God Bless.

So thrilled for the good news on your wife Dudley. I lost my mom to it in 2014 and my sister was diagnosed with it 2017 and after a double mastectomy (she was not taking any chances - my Aunt had it as well) has beaten it and is cancer free. It is scary and miserable as you know and so happy to hear your wife is clear! The wrist part sucks and a bummer to an ending of 2018 but as you said, you will take that all day over the other and I agree with you 110% on that one brother. Prayers for your wife and you and her speedy recovery after her surgery.

BTW - had wrist surgery myself during college (blew out my wrist diving for a volley in college tennis match) and it is somewhat of a pain in the arse to rehab so tell her to be patient and stay the course! All the best sir and prayers!

Thanks to everyone.

The one thing I have always thought about this board is that we are a caring community.

Some of us have never met, but we’re friends.

Good news on that DD. Hearing that news is always scary but such a relief when you get the good news that you did.

May God bless you and Petra! i have prayed for you both and extend good wishes for continued good results!

You and Petra dodged a bullet. That is great news! An experience like that certainly focuses our attention and can lead us to better appreciate the blessings we have. Blessing for you and Petra!

I will pray for you and your wife. Proud to hear the good news on the biopsy. The check ups we all get are equally important for men and women.
God bless you all!