A bit of levity: Steve Sarkisian

Did any one else notice during the Peach Bowl when the announcers broke from the game for about 15 seconds and showed Steve Sarkisian in the Press Box? They stated that he would be taking Lane Kiffin’s place. This in itself would not have been remarkable had not the person that was shown as being Steve Sarkisian had not been picking his nose. And then he proceeded to eat a booger! On Nationwide TV!!!

I thought maybe I hadn’t really seen that. That was followed by comments from the TV crew that he now had his act together following issues in SoCal.

So was it sarkisian and did he do that?

Some prominent coaches in variety of sports have been caught doing such weird stuff lately. Coach of the German national soccer team that won the World Cup, Joachim Low, was caught sticking his hand in his pants, taking it out and smelling it. He avoided interviews for a few days.

They are all human I guess. I’m sure if a camera could be near me on certain days I could be caught on film doing some precarious activities, one of which might be trying to fling the booger as far away from me as possible, but would never be seen having it anywhere close to the orifice below my nose other than the initial extraction.

Jimbeau77 did make me laugh out loud!

I thought that’s what I saw but it was dark and the glass seemed to have reflection. I thought maybe he really didn’t do that. I recall in games last year they showed Dave Wommack in the press box and he was apparently picking his nose. But he never came close to eating any boogers.

He’s getting stared early. Saban will do anything to win. Everyone knows that pick plays are illegal.


Wiz, that takes me back to a conversation I had with a veteran editor when I was 22. I was starting out at the Log Cabin Democrat. Joe McGee was the city editor and a greatly respected man in Conway. He did a little bit of everything, including covering sports. He was battling cancer and had slowed down. He was probably in his 70s at the time. But he always came by to tell me the good, the bad and the ugly of what I was writing or doing.

He’d stop you in the hallway, and say, “Hey, boy, stop a second.” He would grab the skin just above your elbow and it would stop you in your tracks. It would sometimes hurt and he’d grin. He loved to do that. Joe was a friend of my father’s and always told me exactly what was right about the goings on in Conway, including anything he knew at Hendrix, UCA, Conway High or St. Joseph. If he told it to you, check it out, because it was right. Ultimately, he was a great friend of mine, too.

One day I had written a story about “a quarterback throwing a pick.” It was a hip term for interception that had just shown up on the NFL scene from play-by-play guys like Frank Gifford. Joe said, “Let those guys say that, but don’t you write it. A pick is when you stick your finger in your nose. Leave that out of the paper.” And, he was dead serious. I’ve tried my best to do that because I think he was right.

It’s funny what stays in your mind. There is a bunch of that kind of stuff in my mind. Maybe it’s not important, but sometimes it is.

I had an editor who stopped me in the hallway at the Tulsa World. He said never say a player “suffered” an injury. He said they “sustain” an injury. He said suffering was when you are fighting cancer. So I don’t use suffer anymore.