A bit concerned

With our lack of depth. Joe already looks like he has tired legs and we’re only in game three. Henderson is getting no time and we need size. Who knows when Chaney will play again. Has to play Jones and joe most of game for only reliable scorers. Desi doing other things but can’t hit side of a barn from three. Never have seen joe have that kind of game. Maybe the injury he had last Game affecting him.

Wish we had more we could play.

Chaney should be back soon, maybe next game.

Agree that depth is going to be a concern going forward. However, if injury free this team will be familiar with their roles and seems really locked in on D.

Just going to enjoy the wins we get. We played very hard but against the elite teams our lack of size and no inside game will really be a huge problem.the nights when we’re bombing the threes we will be able to play with a lot of teams but when they’re not dropping we’re going to be in trouble against good competition.I can see though the we are headed for better times when we get the top recruits

Our defense is really slipping also

We let them hit season high 12.5% on three point attempts. :flushed:

37 1/2 minutes will do that, but I’m really not sure who can give him a blow. I’m suspecting that’s what Muss thinks, as well. `

Muss said he is only going to play 7 or 8. Muss also said a tired Joe is better than anyone else. There is no need to worry.

By not pressing the increase minutes are easier to achieve. The lack of size is more of a problem when you don’t shoot the 3 very well! Once the SEC tournament rolls around the depth will be an issue! What size that’s able to play in SEC games will need to be available if we are going to compete.
Chaney, Henderson and Bailey. Really that’s all the real size we have.
I’m going to enjoy the wins and also the emphasis being put on all the fundamental stuff they are improving on. From solid D to free throws!
I just wonder if the rotation next season will get any deeper once the next class is added to the roster?

Joe just had a bad shooting night, “mercy” :sunglasses:

Muss pretty much said in the post game interview he doesn’t believe in “tired legs”
for twenty year olds playing twice a week with a 30 game schedule.

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I agree, this team is small physically and in numbers, February/mid SEC is really going to rest them.

On the other hand, someone find out what Adrio Bailey is eating these days. His energy is incredible, even playing the minutes he’s playing, and against larger guys. he just looks fresh as a daisy and very “fired up” all the game. Impressive.


I’m a bit concerned as well. I’ve enjoyed watching this team these first 3 games, especially the way they play defense. Having said that, I am concerned that our lack of rebounding is going to really hurt us when we come up against other teams that play good D, but also rebound well. If we have a cold shooting night against the big teams coming up, our D won’t be enough. Chaney is the key to helping us in those situations in my opinion.

There’s a recipe to beating us, for sure. Recruiting will have to take care of that eventually.

Great post. We are what we are. We are getting the most out of what we have this year. We play great defense and don’t waste possessions with mistakes and guys shooting shots they can’t make. Adrio Bailey looks like a different player. If Chaney gets coached up like Bailey, he will be fun to watch. Mason Jones is an outstanding player. He is even better than last year. He is really playing well.


It’s important to this team that Desi finds his 3 point shooting soon, and I believe he will. Last season, during the last month, Desi was a terrific 3 point shooter. In fact, he was shooting well in our 2 exhibition games this year. There probably won’t be a lot of nights when both Mason and Isaiah are off, but on those nights we really need Desi shooting like he did last year.

This is all true, but how long has Muss been here 7 or 8 months? He’s working with what he has, I believe the next class or 2 of recruits will take care of that. Should help when Chaney gets back and would be nice if Henderson lived up to his billing but that doesn’t appear to be the case. Gonna take some lumps this year in some games but I like what I’m seeing this year in other areas over previous years.

The defense has been very solid so far. Rather than worrying about fatigue, I think that our defense has been very good. We need to see how muss deals with playing time. I think we can stay in most games even with our small lineup. I believe that this team will make the tournament.

It is great to see a Hog team that can win comfortably even when we shoot poorly. This defense looks very good. I think that will enable us to win games when we shoot poorly.

The extra 2 feet is killing us versus last season.

You have this right about Desi. Desi is not a three point shooter. He seemed to have hit a purple patch towards the end last year. With those two extra feet, Desi seems to be guiding his shots rather than shooting them. Maybe with enough time in the gym, he can extend his range.

I don’t think the extra two feet is affecting Joe and Jones.

2 feet is not insignificant. I wonder what the longer 3 point shot will translate into FG% vs. last year so far in NCAA play? I think it is good to move it back. If you are going to give someone 3 points, an additional 1 point for a shot, then it needs to be a difficult shot. Moving it back should eliminate a lot of players from shooting the 3. Most players can’t do it, but they continue to try to do it.

2 feet is significant if you are not an established three point shooter. Desi is one of those. He can grow into it, but not there yet.

I guess the “2 feet” is for affect? It’s actually back 1’ 4 3/4". About the length of most basketball players’ shoes. It was proven in the test at the NIT, that it had minimal affect on shooting percentages. I believe the average for all the teams was less than 2% difference from their year’s average). The effect it is having on Desi’s shooting is far more mental than it is physical. Hopefully Desi will not go the route of Harris last year and let this go on all season. His minutes will probably decrease some if he doesn’t relax on his 3 point shot and forget that shoe-length increase in the line.

There will be some games that we lose this year when we shoot the 3 like we did Saturday. Most all of those same games would still have been lost if they had not increased the distance. As the season goes along and the players forget about that shoe-length increase in the 3 point shot, the misses will begin to decrease. I do wish they had increased the Women’s line also, so the men wouldn’t let the double lines to get into their heads.