A Big Thanks

Just want to say thanks for all the articles coming out of Las Vegas about bb recruits–both 2017 and 2018. They are greatly appreciated!

Concur! Best BB coverage we’ve ever had.

DD and RD are knocking it out da park.

Thanks Rod. More will be coming out this coming week. Plan to do one last tidbits soon.

This partnership of ours is strengthened in large part due to our long-term friendship.

We work well together.

Asking a favor here. When you guys tweet out the games you are going to see, or that have a Hog recruit on them, could you please include the gym/location? I was unable to find sites for the game on line, or with the newspaper, or even by calling the sports dept at the paper or even the phone number for the tournament. They said I’d have to go to one of the gyms and get a current schedule. So if you could say Team Portis plays at 12 Pacific at Desert Oasis High School, for example, it would be appreciated. I have run into people at tournaments visiting from back home and we have always talked about how hard it is for non-coaches and non-reporters to figure out where and when the games are played.

And I am sure you have figured out, getting across town here can take a long, long time.

I tried asking RD via twitter, but it didn’t work out.


At least next year since AAU season is now over and Richard is on a plane.

We have the best in the business.

I thought I answered you once. If not, I apologize. Thursday and Friday is always crazy. You try and plan to make as many games as you can but you have to drive 20-30 miles to each gym sometimes.

Adidas will always be at the Cashman Center.

The 17 -under for FAB 48 play at Bishop Gorman.