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Haven’t watched them much, but I know Gonzaga has two talented bigs. Duke has two, one a shot blocking force inside (Williams), one perhaps the #1 pick in the NBA draft who is quick
and strong, can play inside and shoot from outside. If we wound up playing UNC, they have two also, one a force inside (Bacot) and one who can hit the more than occasional 3 (Manek). I am
not talking about one big and his backup, I am talking about two bigs who play at the same time. Have we played a team yet with two bigs (maybe NMSU, I was on the road, traveling in
a non-basketball sense, could only catch it on the radio, and I think I heard the announcer say they had 2 bigs and Jaylin could not guard them both)? If so, how did we guard them? I absolutely love Jaylin, one of the smartest big men ever, but as smart as he is, I worry about his getting in foul trouble even if there’s only one big. What would our strategy be against two bigs? Who would guard the one Jaylin doesn’t? I know on offense we could spread them out, but what do we do on defense?

Your question is one I’ve thought of about the matchup with the Zags. There are only a handful of teams that have 2 bigs that can matchup with Timme and and other big. I’m confident that Muss will have a great plan for the game and I can’t wait to see the plan unfold. Another thought is that when we’re on offense those two bigs could be paired against smaller much quicker Hogs. It will be a fun one to watch. We have nothing to lose, the Zags have all the expectations/pressure.


I’m thinking Kamani may get some time Thursday. Holmgren doesn’t really post up, he’d rather shoot 3s.

NMSU did have two bigs. McCants hurt us making a few 3s. McNair, who is 6-10, didn’t do much.

I’m wondering who Toney will guard. Nembhard is their #3 scorer but he’s a PG. I would expect JD and/or Devo to take him. Maybe Toney tries to deny Holmgren on the perimeter?

All five of their starters average double figures.


This is what as a fan worry about. I am a diehard and can worry!!

Now play defense against the Zags is a huge matchup problem. Memphis has the big guy that has overall length. IMO JD and JWill need to stay out of foul trouble, period.

Therein lies the problem. I think it will be difficult for JWill to stay out of foul trouble with the Gonzaga big men.

hoping we can get out in transition and neutralize them having the 2 bigs…if we have to play a ground and pound half court game i don’t like our chances but if we’re able to run…

Seems as if a lot of us have the same concerns going into this game - their size and foul trouble defending it.

Will be interesting to see how it plays out.

I think Williams guards Timme and Toney guards Holmgren and does his best to deny ball entry to him. I think our guards and Williams need to drive to the bucket as much as possible to attempt to get both Timme and Holmgren in foul trouble in attempt to reduce their minutes on the floor. Gonzaga plays with the fastest pace in the country so our defense will need to both hit the offensive boards but be very aware of getting back. We cannot fall back on defense and just forget about the offensive boards. we will need to rebound effectively but do not need to win the rebound battle. Gozaga is number one for a reason but we have beaten teams that are in the same league as far as quality. I think this is the toughest matchup for us due to the length that the Zags put on the floor. If I am being honest I think in a ten game series they win 6 but we only need one night where our three ball is going in and Notae is hitting his drives to the rim and picking up “And 1’s” along the way to upset the Zags.

We have played Auburn who had Kessler Jabari Smith and another big so it’s not like we haven’t seen big teams.
The problem arises in that both holmgren and Timme both can score around the basket. I would not put J Will on Timme because that’s probably going to lead to foul trouble because Timme is too good with his feet down low. I would probably alternate between Tony and Wade and maybe Kimani guarding him. Let JD guard their best shooter from the perimeter.

We are going to have to shoot the ball the way we’re capable to have any chance at all in this game because they are the best offensive team we faced and they passed the ball really well. Looking forward to seeing how we decide to match up with them on both defense and how we try to attack them on offense.

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Auburn has 7’2" Kessler and 6’10" Smith (top 3 NBA draft pick). That’s very similar to Gonzaga. I’m guessing Umude will get Holmgren. Both Holmgren and Smith spend lots of time outside.


Just watched sports center and they had Seth Greenberg going over the Midwest region and all they had him talking about was Texas tech and Duke did not even let him talk about our game. Gosh I wish we could pull this off, I know it’s going to take a really great performance to do so but I’m tired of all this crapping disrespect


Agree. I see we were posting basically the same thing, at the same time, except for who’s guarding who. It will be a tough match up, but also for Gonzaga.


I believe this team plays up or down to their competition many times in the first half. That changes when Muss gets them behind closed doors. That won’t be an issue against the Zags. The Zags have not played a team that plays like us on defense all year and it will be a factor. The Zags don’t want an ugly game but they are about to be in a lot of ugly. The rested Hogs will win if the officials don’t protect the Zag’s brand and ranking.

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