A big first step

4 teams will win the first game. Almost certain the eventual winner will come from that group. It’s possible, but unlikely for any of the 4 losers to make it. It’s equally important to win the second game. We will be very familiar with our next opponent. Won 2-1 against both in the regular season, but either can beat us and put us behind the 8 ball.

Hoping for a high scoring 16 inning game tonight. Hoping for lots of pitches by lots of pitchers.

Another thought. Until today we’d lost our last 4 CWS games. Needed to get that monkey off our back.

I admit my expectations have changed. I badly want to win it all. Maybe everything will finally fall in place for us.


17 runs can be a red herring. But Stanford is no fluke. Solid performance today pitching, hitting and fielding.

I sure hope the hogs can score a few runs Monday. It’s hard to score at times after an explosion like today.

Can’t dwell on this near perfect game for more than a few hours. Got to put it totally behind them and focus on the next game. We need to go into it with the mindset that we have to play another near perfect game to win it. So on and so forth until we get that illusive and coveted trophy!

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Best game Hogs have played in CWS game imho.

Hogs’ defense today was spectacular; those young men really flashed the leather. The 5-4-3 DP is one of the prettiest defensive plays in baseball.

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