A Bielema Coup would be

bringing in ace recruiter/DL coach Ed Orgeron and DC Dave Aranda.

A long shot on both, I know, but an old fart can dream a little about better days that all appear to be behind us. As it appear most are just willing to concede losses to the top three or four in the West from reading this board, and call it a good year.

LSU has Aranda under a three-year contract. Whoever comes in as head coach gets to honor that.

I wasn’t aware he has a multi-year contract. Whatever the cost to LSU, he is surely worth it. Read somewhere his defense this year has given up only 10 TDs in 10 games.

I fully expect both he and Orgeron will be on the next staff at LSU.

I’d be surprised if Orgeron is on the staff next year. He might be, but it’d be awkward for him & the new coach if he’s passed over for someone else. My guess is both coaches would consider it better if he went somewhere else.

Read something this morning that the first recruiting job of the new LSU HC will be to convince Dave Aranda to stay.

Agree totally. Ed had the same scenario at USC. If you are hiring a great head coach, he would never keep the interim head coach, he’s replacing. Also, if you’ve made the right hire, that head coach will never agree to giving up his right to hire his own coordinators. I will be shocked if he agrees to retain Aranda.

What’s really whacky about the situation at LSU is that they promoted Ed, a line coach, to “interim head coach” (for the 2nd time?), basically making it impossible for him to remain at LSU after the season. I would bet the knew head coach would have loved to keep Ed as line coach and recruiting coordinator, but LSU’s move will make it impossible for him to do it.

If Ed was happy working with Aranda, I’d love to see the Hogs take them as a package, as I believe both will be available.