A betting man says the hogs win tonight!

This is the most unlikely game to get a win. It was the one game at the beginning of the year that I thought was a clear loss. We have won games that we shouldn’t have won, lost games we shouldn’t have lost, and had the chance to win games where we were a clear underdog. If there was ever a game this season that you just don’t turn on and watch, it would be tonight’s game - a game at a place where we haven’t won since winning the National Championship, if you can remember that far back.

Yes, a betting man would say we win.

Yep, the percentages are with us.

When you face streaks like this, I am reminded of a famous quote by tennis player, the late Vitas Gerulaitis. He had lost to Jimmy Connors 16 in a row. Finally beat him. His first words in the after match press conference were “no one beats Vitas Gerulaitis 17 times in a row”.

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Hope ya’ll are right, but I think the Vegas sports books would love to see you coming…

Which player or players (I’ll take Mason out of the question here) do y’all believe has to have a nice night for Arkansas to win? I’m leaning Jimmy Whitt. He’s shooting 30.4 percent from the floor the last 4 games and think he’s due for a breakout at some point. If it’s tonight, that’d be huge.

We sure could use a win tonight

To win tonight, I think Desi, Whitt, and Mason will have to have good shooting nights. I also think Chaney and Adrio need to have above average nights, rebounding and scoring.

I agree with this. Have to have a complete all around performance. But the one stat no has mentioned is turnovers. We need to keep total turnovers under 10.

Florida is a -7.5 favorite. That seems awfully high to me for a team that’s had one double digit loss all year.

Other than Tennessee, the difference between a win and a loss has been only a couple of more plays. Against Miss State, a couple of layups, 2 more free throws, one or two fewer turnovers, that’s all it takes. I think our guys need to be smart and focused for 40 minutes. Lose your focus and you make mistakes. I keep hoping that our forwards produce more in the paint. Bailey’s sudden success at the 3-point line can be a curse as he now believes he is a 3-point shooter, which he has been. But, that’s not his game in my opinion. Defense, more defense, then make the layups and get rebounds, that’s what I want to see from our big guys.

Not that he would have to do much but Harris is due to up his game. Maybe 6 points 5 or 6 assists and NO turnovers.

I think if the hogs pull out a win tonight we would have to see Chaney have a double double, Bailey hit a couple of 3’s and score in double figures, Whitt will need to be a factor on both ends, Sills will need to have a good shooing night.
Mason Jones will be doubled and harassed he will get the free throw line but of the others show the ability to score it will open things up for him!
It would be nice to pull out a win!
The key at winning time don’t have the in Harris’s hands!

I believe a win by the Hogs depends more on how FL plays than how the Hogs play. FL has played absolutely awful in multiple games this year. The Gators are as talented as any team in the SEC. They were pre-season top ten in the country.

With their talent, you’d have to say they have greatly underachieved. They’ve had some really head scratching losses, but only one bad SEC game at home. We need them to have one more bad SEC home game if we are to win tonight.

I agree with Whitt, but probably for a different reason. To beat FL, I believe we have to keep the ball out of the hands of Nemhard. We need Jimmy to have the defensive game of his career and play ball denial on Nemhard. Face guard him all over the floor.

It’s hard to believe, but Nemhard has basically half of the teams total assists. No one, other than Blackshear, can pass on that team. Or, at least if they can, they haven’t proven it this year.

One box-out with 2 seconds left would have done the trick.

Curious to see who checks Noah Locke. He’s been ridiculous from 3 in conference play - 51 percent. Jimmy could find himself matched up with Locke, too, but good points on Nembhard. He’s a playmaker.

He was boxed out— just went over and through Harris knocking him out of bounds—Bailey had been knocked down just prior to that— most hurtful no call since LSU when sills was knocked down with 3 pt attempt at the buzzer.

It would be absolutely amazing if the team could get their offensive groove on having at least 3 players playing lights out and the weird thing is. THEY ARE CAPABLE of it and at any given time .Confidence and some hot hands we’re definitely due.

Yeah I agree he went through Harris to get the tip but they’re not going to call that in that situation. They consider that deciding the game with a whistle, instead of deciding it by a non-whistle.

Any player that has a wide open jump shot and can hit it, before we turn the ball over.

Turnovers go down, points go up.

I’m very curious to see what CM’s plan is for tonight.

Another Tennessee performance so far.