A Better Matchup?

Arkansas has not appeared to have a good matchup since we bested the Aggies. Importantly, their 10 points against the Hogs was their lowest output all season. That’s the 3-SEC loss Hogs. The Ags put 17 on Bama in just Q1.

This week we play MSU, another 5-3 team, but I believe the best matchup we’ll have during this SEC season. We’re at home. We’ve rested at least two weeks. And, the Hogs have the lowest, combined Passing Efficiency rating that MSU has faced [That is, combining the national rankings for Passing Offense and Defensive Efficiency.] The Hogs are at 29; that is contrasted with Bama, LSU, and Memphis at 69, 145 and 130; the other three teams producing MSU losses.

I only mention this as MSU is #130 in rushing offense – and the Hogs have been very good against one-dimensional teams.

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We didn’t match bad with Ole Miss or Auburn. We should won both of those games.


I wouldn’t call anything a matchup issue!
The issue for our hogs early they were Healthy and had all hands in deck! If your right handed and hand to write left handed that would be difficult! Well the defense has been left handed ever since the Texas A&M game. Losing Catlon for the season really happened a few games before he was side lined!
Our hogs need depth and TIME! Coach Pittman needs 2 more recruiting classes to get things where they need to be.

Our hogs fight and show heart! That’s more than we’ve watched in years!

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