A 3 seed in Stillwater

projected by BA

Not surprising.

Maybe now they’ll have some pressure off and play loose

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I don’t buy Baseball America picks at all bc I have never heard anybody say Florida sure was going to be hosting… but if we’re in that still water or regional with those teams. All I can say is good luck because you silly is only kicked in Oregon state’s butt three times and we all know I good oral Roberts is every year. I’ll be shocked if this is the way it ends up.

I think D1 will probably be closer they have us 2 in Austin.

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Florida has played itself into hosting position the past several weeks. The Gators are 16-4 in their last 20 games. Both sites project Florida as a host now.

For what it’s worth, I’ve long thought D1Baseball has a better feel for how the selection committee thinks than Baseball America does. I’d be surprised if Arkansas is a No. 3 seed, but there is really no difference because 2-3 play in the first game.

Host sites will be announced tonight.

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I can’t believe we’re having this conversation. Two versus a three and where we’re going. The last month has really cost us.

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Yeah I knew Florida had been playing well but I didn’t see them in D1 yesterday.

It’s all out of our hands anyway. I just hope we’re somewhat close to home and draw a favorable matchup

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I’m still hoping we go in a run.


If it’s Stillwater, it’s good. That facility is nice. I don’t know how many tickets OSU will sell. But they are drawing great. UA fans might only get a few.

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