A 3 or 4 seed

Staying a 3 seed albeit it’s the last #3 seed not a huge drop to 4? Were we not #4’s on some of our run in NR days. What was 93, 94, and 95?

So in reality 3’s and 4’s both do very well. 1’s and 2’s in a lot of years just get hammered just as much.

LUCK has a lot to do with winning this thing.

EVERY year almost the NC has a game they just got lucky to win. IMO

I hope the hogs stay on the 3 line! Avoiding the 1 seed in a bracket would help in moving forward in the dance.
I just have hope for our hogs to make the sweet 16.

we were a 1 seed in either 94 or 95

I think he means he wants to avoid having to play a 1 seed

We were a 4 seed in '90 but never had to play the 1, 2, or 3; they were all eliminated before we got to them (#1 Mobilehoma lost to UNC, #2 Purdue lost to Texass and #3 Georgetown lost to Xavier). We never even wore the road jerseys in the Dance until we played Duke in the FF; Duke was the 3 seed in its regional.

I sure hope we don’t fall to a 4, that would be a huge penalty for our shorthanded loss to LSU.

Hogs were a #4 seed in 1990, #1 in 1994 and #2 in 1995

We were a 1 seed in 1991, which many people, including myself, consider Nolan’s best team. Ranked 2nd in the polls the entire year. Completely blew a 15 point first half lead to Kansas in the Elite 8. I was so disappointed, I felt there would never be a time when we would be that close to being in Final Fours in back to back years. Then we did, just 3 years later. The 1991 team had as one of it’s victories the eventual national champions, Duke.


People forget that Miller pulled a muscle in the Alabama beat down leading into that Kansas game. He couldn’t move laterally in that game and got abused by some 6-7 forward in the second half after Kansas figured it out.

Yes, we were the #1 overall 1-seed in 94. We were a 2 seed in 95. We also were a 1 seed in 1991 and a 4 seed in 1990

Who believes the biggast 10 has four of the top eight teams in the country?

I do. Ohio State is at least as good as Alabama and they finished FIFTH in the Big 14.

I hate it, but I believe it, too…

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