A '24 RB with Bama, Ohio State, Oregon offers

appears to be visiting for the Bama game. Told he will join his teammate and '24 DB Corian Gipson on the Hill.

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Let me preface this by say I am not pointing fingers at this recruit as much as this recruit reminds me of a situation that I’ve often wondered about in the past.

I notice in his offer / interest list he doesn’t have Arkansas. I’m sure Arkansas is trying to get him interested and I’ve always thought if you can get them on campus, you got a shot. I also notice this recruit does or did have interest from Alabama and has an offer.

How do you know if a recruit is using your dime and visit slot to actually get to see the visiting team in action. Granted you will have him on your campus and he doesn’t get contact with the other team, but I sure think that would be an easy way for a recruit to get to watch a game in person with a team he is interested in, even if its not the one picking up the tab.

Does that happen? Is there ways to avoid that, or is that just one of the necessary evils you must deal with and hope getting him on campus might change his mind or at least give them food for thought.

Again not saying this is the case with this recruit, he just happened to remind me of this and its been a questioned I’ve wondered for a long time.

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I visited the school last week and talked to him and he seemed interested. I didn’t ask about a visit.

I didn’t write about him because I wanted to see where he and Arkansas would go in the process.

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I understand that, and as I said, I was not necessarily pointing out this recruit. I was saying in general how do you defend against getting used by a recruit more interested in seeing the opposing team on a visit than the team picking up his dime. Does that happen?

That is more my question.

Sure it happens. I won’t mention a name but a kid watched Arkansas last week as an Aggie recruit.

With the portals and other new things, recruiting has changed a ton in the last few years.and I feel some of the kids are playing a game and enjoying the publicity and attention they are getting. Don’t blame them, but the lists of ten or twelve teams they visit are not all serious possibilities.

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