A 2020 week (OT)

Like everything else, dog shows have been cancelled, postponed, etc. So this past week shows were scheduled to be held from Wednesday through Sunday in Oklahoma City. I had planned to go on Tuesday, move my stuff into the building and be there for the whole mess. Then it rained and iced. I thought I would wait one day to go. It was a miserable drive, raining most of the way. I got to the building, unloaded, and watched the end of the show for that day. Then I went to check into my hotel.

Well, no. My room had been given away. With all of the electric outages they decided to call everyone who had a reservation. If not called back by 3 PM, you lost your reservation. And there was NOTHING available. I finally called a friend and she let me stay in her RV. But it didn’t end there. The power in the RV park went out.

Another friend offered to let me use the shower in her hotel. I put her room key next to my phone and it no longer worked. They wouldn’t reset the key because my name was not on the room.

At least my dog won every day and in addition to being a show champion and field champion, he is now a show Grand Champion. That was after not being in a dog show for 2½ years.

AT&T decided that I had used all of my high speed data, so unless I stayed in the show building I couldn’t stream the game. (The show building has wifi.) I followed the game by using the live stats on the Arkansas Gameday app. Let’s just say it isn’t like listening to Chuck.

I survived and I’ve decided that I might as well laugh at all of it.

Nevertheless, Go Hogs.

Goodness. That is some story. Ice storms are plain hell. Ice storms when trees still have leaves are horrible.

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