9th in the SEC in Passing Efficiency

Our passing performance was abysmal yesterday. 9th in the SEC having played that highly talented Rice defense. Count me among those who were dissappointed, er highly dissappointed, in this part of our game yesterday.

Everyone was, but I’m more hoping the coaches and team were and they’ll do their best to lock down this part of the offense, as well as, special teams because we’ll need both to beat Texas.

Second half passing was pretty good. First half was atrocious; might have been slightly better than Vandy but not much.

3 dropped passes, one that probably goes 50 yards to the house, most anyone that had watched KJ said he would be a 53-57% passer, it’s not going to be 70% like Frank’s. However, KJ had 89 yards rushing, and really was 30 yards more allowing for the terrible holding call.

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