9 underclassmen to watch for if/when Arkansas has a big lead

<LINK_TEXT text=“http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2016 … xas-state/”>http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2016/sep/16/9-underclassmen-look-vs-texas-state/</LINK_TEXT>

You’d assume there should be some young guys getting their first extended action in the second half if all goes according to plan.

That would be ideal, however this could prove to be bulletin board fodder for T State. And what’s up with this time line?

What do you mean by time line?

I think CBB will keep the foot on the gas until it is clear the foe can’t come back. That could take a while.

Each user must set their own time zone. Instructions can be found in the Brief Razorback F.A.Q.s which appear atop all of the forums.

Is will gragg still on the team?

Under TJ Hammonds it says, “twitter drama aside.” Did I miss something or is this just a reference to his jersey last week?

Hammonds father had a hissy fit on Twitter last week.

I missed it. Care to fill me in?

That is what I linked in my post. Just click on the link to be taken to Daddy Dearest’s Twitter page.

Marty big laugh

Daddy dearest :smiley:

He makes Mitch Mustain’s mom look like an angel… :shock:

I wouldn’t go THAT far.