9 seed UCF vs 1 seed Duke

The refs get another “w”! Down 3 Williamson runs over a UCF guard and then get the fouled called to get Fall out of the game with his 5th foul! Oh course just about a minute earlier UCF tied an alloy op highlight play play that cost them an easy 2 points.
Dunke wins by One.

I must agree, the blue bloods get the calls because the officials are afraid of their Power. I said it! Now you can attach me.

It happens every year.

That’s what cost the hogs the 95 championship in the semi final (Dollar game ) against UCLA! It no difference now than it was then!

Uh, Army, that was the championship game. Remember that we were the defending champs in '95 and UCLA hadn’t been in the Final Four in 15 years. The blue blood in that situation was us.

Even though we were the defending champs we got screwed.

And they were up 4 at that point with under 2 min to play, bad play and IMO what cost them the game

I agree with Clarke Kellog and Wally Skerbiak on the post game show. That dunk was for the taking and was the right thing to do and would have demoralized Duke. It would not have been an uncontested layup and I am not sure the kid running the fast break had a good angle to make the pass. Seems like the kid that missed the dunk was a little bit further ahead to make a clean pass. Spacing didn’t look right.

The kid attempting the dunk never had a chance to catch the ball clean. Bad game time decision time and score.
The calls or lack there of was just as much of an impact.