#9 ranking collegiate Baseball

  1. Louisville (51-18)
  2. Vanderbilt (59-12)
  3. Texas Tech. (46-20)
  4. Miami, Fla. (41-20)
  5. Arizona St. (38-19)
  6. Mississippi St. (52-15)
  7. Georgia (46-17)
  8. Auburn (38-28)
  9. Arkansas (46-20)
  10. Michigan (50-22)

Collegiate Baseball always comes out with its poll and All-America teams about five or six weeks before anyone else. The preseason All-America teams are probably going to be out today.

ok thanks,I think the ranking is about right considering all the arms we lost.

I think this year’s pitching staff might end up being better than the one last year. This year’s staff has more experience, collectively, than last year’s staff had going into the season.

The glaring difference is that Isaiah Campbell is gone. It’s almost impossible to expect Patrick Wicklander or whoever else gets the No. 1 job to replicate what Campbell did last year. I don’t know if we’ll ever see a No. 1 guy that dominant again.

The Collegiate Baseball preseason All-America team includes Heston Kjerstad (first team) and Casey Martin (second).

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well Cronin gone too and can’t see having anybody that dominant,i have heard about Vermillion but will have to see it to believe it.Yes we wont have a dominant FRi night guy but hopefully we will be better at 2,3…just need to win 2/3 no matter how we do it…

Matt, you’ll most likely be proven right.

But … but … I remember feeling this very same way two seasons ago when Blaine Knight was drafted. I didn’t see Isaiah Campbell making the kind of jump he made (Remember how he used to implode with men in base?)

So there is always delusional hope history can repeat! :slightly_smiling_face:

Oh yeah, I remember. I probably made the same type of statement last year, that no one could outperform Knight’s season as a No. 1 starter. Then Campbell did it.

I do feel bad for whoever is the No. 1 starter in 2020, though, because he is going to be compared to an almost-impossible standard. What Knight and Campbell did was incredible.

May not be as dominant #1, but overall better w the three weekend guys.
Then again, CN may make a BIG jump. Coach will find a closer.

Keep in mind that Campbell was very ineffective prior to his last season and both Wicklander and Nolan had a better freshman years than Campbell had up until his very last year. Hard to imagine anyone ending up as good as Campbell was but someone really did a good job with him so maybe there will be more pleasant surprises.

From what we’ve seen from DVH and the pitching staff I am hopeful that Hobbs has a firm grip on how he expects to use these young arms to start the pre season. The experiment will provide the answers for the rotation.
The closer may be a work in progress.
There are plenty of options.
I’m ready for baseball season.

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I can’t help but feel like we are better than some of the 1 thru 8.

Last year, Campbell finished with a 2.13 ERA, a 12-1 w/l record as the Friday night guy in the SEC, and with a WHIP of around .92 (less than 1.00).

Remember, he was considered a bit wild the preceding year. Wow, what improvement he made in one season.

That #9 ranking still puts us #5 in the SEC. I know the SEC is strong & I won’t say none of those other teams deserve to be there, but I think we’re better than 5th in the SEC.

I know it sounds greedy & spoiled, but I’ll be disappointed in anything less than another CWS this year. I would so love to win it all.

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Perfect Game’s rankings came out today and Arkansas is No. 4 behind Louisville, Vanderbilt and Texas Tech. Something to consider about PG, BA, D1Baseball, etc., rankings is that they are small voting committees (probably 2-5 people), so Arkansas’ ranking is probably going to sway quite a bit from poll to poll. Last year Arkansas was ranked in every preseason poll, but anywhere from 12th to 25th.

I like to remind before the start of every season that we use the coaches’ poll as our poll of record. That should be released in a couple of weeks.

Is the coaches poll collegiate baseball?

No, it is separate. Collegiate Baseball is a newspaper and its poll is voted on by its writers. The coaches’ poll is published by USA Today and has one voting coach from each of the 31 D1 conferences.

Oh ok thanks