9 point loss in regional final

Just like last year. And we have a history of being eliminated by the eventual National Champions. I don’t bet on sports, but if I did, my money would be on Duke to win it all.

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yep I noticed that

I’ll be pulling for whoever plays Duke. Even friggin UNC if it happens.

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After many Arkansas elites left this program for dead for years, it is amazing to see coaches and Administrators see greatness for us again.

I am grateful that small goals did not prevail.

Anyone upset needs understand what it takes to be great because we are very close one again, given anything that otherwise needs
Success at inferiority complexes or just not wanting to be truly serious.

We have all we need of proletariat allows us to be great

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I thought that final minute of the first half was a killer. I don’t think we’d have won even if we’d hit the last basket & Duke didn’t hit that buzzer beating 3 pointer, but suddenly facing a 12 point deficit really stung.

We played better in the second half but had dug too big a hole. Duke is probably the best team in the country. Certainly the best team playing right now. There’s no shame in losing to them. 9 points is probably about the proper difference between the teams.

Regardless, I couldn’t be more proud of these kids. Every last one of them.



And what “elites” are you talking about?

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Will root for Duke to win big. If they win it all overwhelmingly, that only makes Arkansas loss against the best team less significant & will improve our final rankings.


Actually I don’t understand my post, and I was not hitting adult beverages too much.

Apologies to all.

I’ve been having some IT issues participating in this board format of late.

I wonder if this was an old draft or something I accidentally pulled forward somehow.

Seems like something from a few years ago even.

I wondered if proletariat was an autocorrect addition to your post, honestly.

I kind of wondered if Proletariat might be the name of a race horse…

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