8 years ago tonight Arkansas Football was wonderful and Exciting !

Then on 1 April 2012 the April Fools Joke was on us

Motorcycle jokes anyone?


It still is, we are the new Vandy however.

Anyone seen the Motorcyclist T Shirt that read:

“If you’re reading this, the Blond fell off”?

reminds me of the Arlo Gutherie song…i don’t want a pickle…just want to ride my motorcycle…

Here’s an article on the mess BP left behind in Louisville. I have no reason to think our program would have wound up in any better shape if he’d stayed out of the ditch. In particular note what it says about their recruiting, or lack of it.

<LINK_TEXT text=“https://www.si.com/college-football/201 … by-petrino”>https://www.si.com/college-football/2019/04/01/scott-satterfield-louisville-cardinals-bobby-petrino</LINK_TEXT>

I started getting phone calls on that afternoon early enough in the day to do something about it. I mean, check and follow up. I was pretty sure what had happened and it that it was all true. But, when I checked, I was told, “No, this is an April fool’s joke.” It was not. I knew it was not – at least pretty sure. I talked to someone who saw the bike in the ditch and pulled the registration out and read it to me. That’s pretty good proof that it was Bobby and it was his bike (actually his wife’s bike since he bought it for her at the March of Dimes fund raiser). I knew the back story on the bike and the detail of the paint job. It had Hog Wild painted on it. And, someone went by the house to see the tow truck and the state police stop and deposit the bike in the drive way.

But I had another crisis to deal with and quickly moved on from continued calls and questions, since I got to the top pretty quick and was told it was not him on the bike, just an April Fool’s joke. I had been spraying my daughter’s yard for weeds late that afternoon. I pulled on the water hose because there were some kinks. I pulled way too hard and I broke the faucet in the wall on the side of the house. It caused a rupture of the pipe inside the wall and it flooded the bedroom and the bedroom bathroom. Oh, what a mess. I had to put the Bobby Petrino wreck on hold while I began to get the water out of the house. Ultimately, she had to have restoration help from a firm that specializes in water damage. I do not pull on hoses now. Yes, that was a bad day and night – for a lot of people. But mine was different from everyone else’s.

I do not know that it would have ended up the same as at Louisville. Maybe, but not sure. I do believe that there are patterns that were already beginning to show at Arkansas. And, who knows what it would have been like had the volleyball player stayed around. That is one that makes me scratch my head. It was bizarre. I’ve always thought that was as much on Jeff Long. How did she get to move up from the foundation? I am sure that Long learned a lesson there.

I have one. The front says Petrino’s Hog Shop. The other quote is on the back. I wore it to a baseball game down at Texas A&M some years ago. There was a lot of pointing.

I’ve been waiting for a UK fan to hire a blond in a UofL volleyball uniform to bring a volleyball for him to sign at a fan day (I know some UK fans discussed it)

I suspect UofL security vested the fans before that happened

I’m waiting for more of the CBP dirt to come out

My how the mighty fall?

I once respected him - now - no more

Clay ,

Do you think your pulling on the hose - the flood in the house and the need for a professional firm to repair the damage to your daughters home … was a foreshadowing of the “hose job” done to The Razorback nation by CBP antics?

Just say’en

It was common street knowledge that CBP continued with The same arrogance - superior attitude with uncontrolled demeaning outburst at Louisville that he showed at Arkansas, Auburn and UofL 1

The rumors of infidelity continued but never proven - there was heat all over the basketball program diverting attention

Or did that heat - as the basketball program was burning - provide enough threat that behavior did change in the infidelity area for other program coaches?

Heat being like in the scandal and book “Breaking Cardinal Rules” - there is evidence this simply wasn’t a basketball program problem but was rampant across other sports

Truth - even the “strong” coach who left for Texas (Spit) was involved in infidelity with a major boosters wife - covered up and court sealed documents

There was a culture of infidelity and arrogant powerplay behavior with coaches and staff in the UofL program

Knowing also that sexual predictors show continued behavior patterns- I wouldn’t be surprised if CBP had fallen into old habits

But his emotional outburst and degrading behaviors continued

UofL simply has been a sick place now it’s pretty much an ash heap

Sound familiar?

Makes me wonder about CBP’s 1 and only recruiting trip to an AR high school to visit a recruit, but slept in the hotel instead.
Was he alone in that room?