8 things to know about Hogs' early signing class

http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2016 … 17-early-/

Thanks Matt. Other than Cole Turney (I assume he’s gone), do you realistically see any of the other top prospects signing with the majors? If so, who?

Nice to see that Kansas City pipeline forming. :smiley:

I think it’s too early to tell. I do know that left-handers who can consistently pitch in the 90s are always in-demand. Hunter Milligan of Greenbrier fits that bill.

Matt, the story linked here has gone into the archives and we’d have to pay $2.95 to read it. Any way you can fix that?

It opened for me? Maybe Matt did fix it.

It opens, but you can’t actually read it. You get the picture of the Bryant kid, the line “Arkansas has officially announced 19 players who have signed from the high school class of 2017.”, then it says to read the rest you have to pay $2.95.

No, I was able to read the whole thing. Maybe it is my Demozette subscription?

Evidently. I logged out as Swine Fusion, logged back in as subscriber and could read the whole thing. But I had thought archived stuff was pay-to-read even for subscribers.

If you aren’t logged in as a subscriber, you’ll be sent to the archives for a story that is more than a week old (I think).

I am logged in as a subscriber, yet I still cannot read it…