8 teams

Somebody tell me why we needed more than 4 teams to know that Clemson and Alabama were the two best teams in college football? What seemingly passed the eye test and the schedule test ended being in the finals. Surprise surprise.

You could argue Georgia is the second best team but they had their shot at bama and lost. So just to make sure let’s have Clemson take a shot.

6,8,16 team playoff not needed. Surprise surprise.

You are exactly right. There is no need to expand. There will always be debate over the last team to get into any playoff. You could go to 64 teams and #65 would raise holy heck that they were left out. The ugly reality however, is that only 2 or 3 at the most, have a real shot of winning it. Once again we’ve got the two best teams in the country playing for the championship. While I do think that Georgia is better than OU or ND, they have already been eliminated by Alabama. Like or not, conference championship games are defacto playoff games.

So, would you be fine with March Madness being cut to like 8 teams since most have seen the regular season play out and decided on whom the 8 best teams in the country are and they are the only teams that have a legitimate chance to play for a championship. I mean what’s the intrigue of a Tournament such as March Madness if we all know what the likely outcome will be? Yet, for some reason that first weekend of March Madness is the most watched of the entire Tournament.
Why you ask? Because everyone likes an underdog, but not in football.
The field will eventually be expanded and because of that it may give some other schools a better chance to recruit against Alabama, Clemson, Georgia, Ohio State when players see that they can get into the CFP and possibly compete for and win a National Championship by signing to play for a different university.

Go Hogs!

Different sport, different traditions - oranges and apples.

Basketball is and always has been a “tournament” sport; teams often play in mini-tournaments a couple of times during the regular season. Plus, they play many more games, and the games are shorter. You really can’t compare the two.

Well said, eagle.

Agree completely, as I have frequently posted before.

Agree, four is enough. some will always want more.

I was thinking 4 is enough however DFarris made a good point if it is expanded. Might give other schools a little better recruiting leverage against the Bama’s & Clemsons.
No more than eight teams total & top 2 or 4 teams get byes to reduce amount of games.

I want 8.

I can’t have enough games.

I would like to see 8 because on any given day if you don’t have the proper Focus you can get beat and that’s what would open up the realm of that happening. Number 1 beats number 8 ninety-nine times out of a hundred but that one day when they come out unfocused and the other team has nothing to lose you can get beat!

Georgia was clearly far better than Notre Dame or Oklahoma this year. The horror of the All-SEC final game last year was the biggest factor on moving those teams ahead of Georgia in the rankings this year. Imagine the PTSD in the rest of college football if there are 3 or 4 SEC teams in the final 4! You can easily imagine 3 of the top 8 and sometimes 4 being from the SEC every year. If they don’t truly seed the 8 best teams and mandate only 2 teams from any one conference or the power 5 champs each getting one slot and only 3 for the best of the rest, it will make the playoff a joke, while making the bowls even more meaningless than they are now.

I think any team from the big 12 should be disqualified from consideration.
They have no business in the top 4

I’d take eight as well. Play first-round games on campus of higher seed, then start using the bowl games like they do now. I understand the reasoning for not going to eight, but I think expansion is just a matter of time.

Agree 100%. No doubt UGA is a top 4 team, but they got eliminated. I’m fine wiht a game between Clemson & Alabama, but that could have been done under the old BCS system or even with a reasonable bowl invitation system.

The bowls have become almost meaningless now to everyone except the fans of of the participating teams. Expand the playoffs & they become even more meaningless. (Of course, I’d eliminate about 20-25 bowls, too.)

We will have a change when someone gets screwed because they played in a conference CG, and played poorly. Maybe #1 and #2 going into that final weekend of games both miss out due to losing their CCG, especially if the teams replacing them didn’t play in a CCG.

Those CCG are the thing that gets sacrificed: top two teams in each P5 conference advance, top 2 non-P5, and the next best. Conference champs host the weekend of the current CG. It serves the same purpose but is a “play in” at that point. Values the bulk of the season more one weekend, and eliminates the CCG including a weak, 3- or 4-loss team while a great 1- or 2-loss team is left out.

Bottom line, something needs to “give” to avoid strong teams with strong schedules from being eliminated due to having an extra loss.

Big Ten Commissioner Jim Delaney is not going to allow the playoffs to continue for very long without demanding a change. The longer his champion is left out the sooner that change is coming. There’s too much money involved for him to sit idly by. Also, expect to see conference expansion and four super-conferences of 16 schools eventually in which “non-conference schedules” will consist of one or two Group of 5 schools, but mostly will require interaction with other super-conference teams. May be a long ways out, but expect it to happen at some point.

Yes I would if the top two were that obvious. More people would watch college basketball during the regular season if there were fewer teams in the tournament. (Now everybody just waits until about two weeks before March.) However in college basketball the top two are not a given, due to the variability that comes into play given the three point shot, one and dones, etc. If they took eight and made them play 2/3 series more like the nba you would take the variability out…but everybody likes the variability possibilities of March madness. It’s generally just not that variable in college football.

My theory is this. The college football playoff begins game 1 of the season. 14-15 games and it determines who was the best team for the whole season.

The college basketball playoff starts in March. 5 games and it determines who is the best team at the end of the season.

As much as I agree with Dudley in that more games would be great to watch, you don’t need them to determine who was the best team for the whole season.

If I had to adjust you could take power 5 champs, non-power champions game winner (however that is done) and two at large. But you don’t need them.

This is what most people don’t realize. In college basketball, the regular season serves as a tool for seeding the end of year Tournament that produces their Champion.

In College Football, the regular season IS the Tournament. All that remains at the end is College Football’s “Final Four”.

Although I feel the playoff is where it needs to be, and have had that position for decades, I am also a pragmatist and acknowledge the pressure building for an expanded playoff. Here’s the thing - if you expand the playoffs, you need to get rid of the Conference Championship games that are presently de facto elimination/playoff games presently. And I think that is where the resistance will come from. Conferences don’t want to lost that lucrative game.

Personally, I loath rematches. Why get excited about Alabama and Georgia in the SEC Championship game if you know before the game both are moving ahead to the 8 team playoff? It becomes a mean-nothing game (not unlike some of the NFL games yesterday). There’s no guarantee that they will meet again (in the CFP playoffs), but it’s likely that that’s the game everyone will remember.

I know people will say it happens in basketball and baseball, and it does. But those sports play a LOT more games that football, where each game is HUGE. It just is a different culture and tradition. One you’ve beaten a team in a given year, you hold bragging rights until next season. Nothing they can do about it. One of the cornerstones of the game.

I well remember Tommy Nobis’ response (Texas’ All everything linebacker) when he was asked about losing to Arkansas 14-13 in Austin in 1964, before the 1965 season (his senior year). His answer “I think about Arkansas a little bit each day”. THAT’s college football.

Eight teams will be the format soon enough… then ND can be put on both sides of the bracket and have double elimination to get to the championship game.


Would you want to see No. 1 and No. 8 and the No. 2 and No. 7 play after seeing all the lopsided semi-finals lately?