8 seed in Greenville against Seton Hall

Yep. Need to win the first one, then upset UNC. That would be nice!

Go Hogs!!!

Just put MidTenn in my upset bracket

they blew a layup at the buzzer for chance to beat nova, the overall one seed

they are hot right now

Haven’t watched them play since they played Michigan in the championship game (joke kind of).

Only play 6-7 guys. Have a big 6’10 240lb center averaging 15 pts and 13 rebs. 2 other guys averaging 15 pts ppg.

http://www.espn.com/mens-college-basket … /_/id/2550

CBS has a matchup forecaster. Has us winning 60% of the time against Seton Hall, and Northwestern beating Vandy 63% of the time. Says Northwestern has a 1.8% chance of winning a NC. Vandy 0%. AR has a 1.4% chance of making Final Four, Seton Hall 0%. But it’s based off Palm’s ratings.

If it’s challenging for our guys to get up to play in the NCAA tournament, a place we don’t go often, we got way more problems than what you mentioned above.



Dusty is stoked, I guarantee you. Five years and two schools to get a chance to Dance. I would not be surprised if he really goes off on the Pirates. Who we have played once, winning in 2010 in the SEC-Big East Challenge.

Actually, I may take what I said back. The look on Jaylen and Thompson’s face when they realized we would have to play UNC if we won, wasn’t too encouraging lol.


very true. I would like to completely agree with you. In my house someone suggested the hogs would have a bad attitude from that sec championship frustration going into the tourney. I thought it was crazy to think we might hang our head going into the big dance. but this ncaa snub has me wondering

Nah, same thing happened in 14-15, they got over it pretty quick. NCAA tournament is a whole other ball game, it’s one of the biggest sport events of the year, everybody gets up to play on this national stage. You can make history in the NCAA tournament.

Also, we didn’t really get snubbed. An 8/9 is what we deserved. I know the Mizzou loss was a while ago, but man that was a huge loss, probably difference between us being an 8 and 6 seed. They were the second worst P5 team in the country, with a 250+ RPI. Us bouncing back from that to finish as an 8 seed, was a credit to CMA and the team. I thought best case scenario we’d get in Tulsa against Kansas in the second round. But, probably unrealistic to think they would potentially give Kansas a disadvantage with us being so close to Tulsa.

The worst scenario would be going to the east in Villanova’s region in that 8/9. I think UNC is more beatable than Nova.

We have beaten NC in the tourney in the past-- and can do so again-- maybe this year-- would be great to participate sweet 16 in Memphis!!

Yea, some are overeating to our seeding. It’s honestly not that bad. One could argue UNC is the worst of the 1 seeds. Most thought Duke did enough to take them off the 1 seed line. I’m glad we got the 8 seed. Could have been worse at the 9 seed looking at V-Tech. They are in Villanova’s region, playing Wisconsin in the first round lol. Wisconsin is not an 8 seed, they are MUCH better than that. Then even if they get passed that, they play the overall #1 seed and defending championships.

Funny thing is, I have no #1 seed in the FF

Well, the way I see it, North Carolina is just another big name team that we will take out on the way to the FINAL FOUR. Gotta beat 'em all if you’re gonna win it all.

Yep. Every team is faced with the same task. Win six straight.

I will point out once again that Tennessee, a team we beat on their home floor, lost to UNC by 2 at the Dean Dome. These are not the Warriors we’re talking about. And the Heels did lose seven games.

We need forget all this NC talk.

Seton Hall is more than capable of beating us into tomorrow if we don’t have good inside out game.

Just weird that we seemed to be joined at the hip to UNC in the NCAAT. I would rather have been in any other region. Doesn’t matter if we don’t play well against a hot Seton Hall team.

Seton Hall is definitely going to be challenging. The reason I do like us in the game though is because they play a really short rotation of only 7 guys, and nobody in the Big East really plays like us. If we just shoot the ball decent, I think we will be able to wear them down and win a close one. UNC on the other hand, I mean they are a better version of Kentucky. We gotta hope Dusty, Macon, or Barford decide to play the game of their life and carry us into the sweet 16.

Also, here’s some encouraging info I found. Since 1985, twelve 8 seeds have reached the sweet sixteen. And of the lower seeds (5-11) the 8 seed has the second most final four appearances with five.

For those that were wanting a 7 or 10 seed. The 10 seed has 0 final four appearances and 7 seed only two. So, you have a better chance to make a deep run as an 8 seed.

http://www.espn.com/mens-college-basket … basketball