8 seed in Greenville against Seton Hall

Same matchup Jerry Palm predicted in Salt Lake City. Winner gets UNC, probably. It’s a Friday-Sunday regional.

The dreaded 8-9 seed. I’d like to beat Seton Hall. Don’t know a thing about them. Unfortunately, I don’t see us getting past UNC even if we win that first game. And Greenville, SC is awfully close to NC. It’s about like us playing in Tulsa or Memphis.

Remember Tennessee gave UNC all they could handle. So I’m not writing us off in that one. And we beat Duke in Charlotte once :smiley:

Chickens are in Greenville too, so we can put some S-E-C chants on them. And the whole arena won’t be in powder blue.

Vandy got the 8-9 in SLC as the 9 against Northwestern in the SAT Bowl.

Committee should have flip flopped us and SC. Just another slight.

Are we playing Thursday or Friday

Pretty much completely screwed. Indefensible the SC is seeded higher than us and gets to play at home, essentially. We can’t even draw the 8/9 vs the worst #1 seed. Is there a new rule now that when Ark is in the tourney they have to play North Carolina in their backyard??


I don’t get SC getting a better bid. We beat them head to head, tied with them in the SEC, got the tie breaker, advanced way beyond them in the SECT. I don’t get it.

It’s amazing night how often we seem to come up against UNC.
Assuming we can win game 1, which I should not assume.

That seems to be the rule. Sure seems to happen a lot.


As for North Carolina, either them or Dook, or both, play in their backyard every stinking year. At least this year it’s not inside the borders of NC, thanks to their bathroom law.

Greenville is 236 miles from Chapel Hill, by the way.

Vandy and South Carolina both got better draws than us

we are stuck in the most difficult bracket… far from home facing the same opponent that knocked us out last time, in their back yard. if we get past a red hot pirates team.

bitter about the big blue sec refs, bitter about the selection comittee, bitter about the media perception

wow going to be a challenge for our guys to get up for this game

Notice also Minnesota and Missle Tennessee as the 5/12

I was thinking the same thing

Minny may take the dreaded 5/12 upset this time.

Kansas State and Syracuse left out. Fortunately. The Orange had no business being in the field.

I think Northwestern takes care of Vandy, but I could be wrong.

Kansas St is in the field.

The seeding of SC perplexes me.

If we can somehow make it to Memphis, watch out :smiley:

Yeah, I know; gottta get there first.

So who’s giving the Scouting report on Seton Hall? :sunglasses:

I know nothing, 'cept Pomeroy College Basketball Ratings ranks the Hogs well in front of 'em.

There’s no way to defend it other than it being a makeup call for snubbing them last year AND accidentally calling them (instead of the intended recipient, USCw) and telling them they were in when they weren’t.

One bad loss (St Johns) and 10 losses to good teams (Nova 3xs). Several quality wins in their league.

I don’t know about personnel and style.