8 Hits in 12 Innings, 3rd Game of the Series

, at home, against the Nation’s #131 pitching staff…

8 hits should be enough to win, but couldn’t get the key hit at the key time. That’s baseball. The Diamondbacks won 52 games last year and the Giants won 107, but the Snakes beat the Giants twice. Moo U has scholarship players too, some of whom have a national championship ring.

I’m pleased we won the series against the defending National Champions who are loaded with talent.

Keep winning series. It will turn out great.


Two of those pitchers yesterday didn’t allow a run in a combined 4 2/3 innings at the College World Series last year. So although the staff has struggled this year, it wasn’t a surprise to see Mississippi State pitch well due to the personnel it used.

Cade Smith has been Mississippi State’s best starter since Landon Sims was injured and it looks to me like he should be the Friday starter.


That’s good clarification; he certainly looked good to my eye.

Dave Van Horn called his stuff “big league” today. It was not a typical Sunday pitching matchup. It would not surprise me if Cade Smith is facing Jaxon Wiggins on Friday night in Starkville next year.

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