8 fouls to 1

This is ridiculous. Every little touch foul we get called for. Our people drive to the lane nothing. Gotta love college B-Ball protecting blue bloods.

would still be ahead or close if we could hit a shot.

they attack the basket we don’t all we do is pass the ball around the perimiter…i get it.

That’s ridiculous, Macon, Beard and Barford have all been attacking the basket. We’re an attacking team. Macon got clobbered a few times going in and only got to the free throw line once. Joel Berry on the other hand, the slightest of touches he gets fouled and gets to the line. You can’t truly believe that we foul 8x more than UNC does.

When 2 of your top 3 scorers are on the bench most of the half because they got called for touch fouls, it’s kinda hard to score with the #9 team in the country don’t you think?

All about respect, even Walton picked up on it during one of his boring stories. As May obviously shuffled his feet & made the basket without a traveling call.
Same goes for fouls, gotta overcome it & still win.

NO! That’s ridiculous there is only one set of rules and if a ref can’t apply them equally then he doesn’t need to ref. Besides those guys really don’t need any help.

Final Free Throw Stats

Arkansas 5-8
UNC 17-21

I don’t know what else to say about it. They have more talent, plus get all the calls, it’s a miracle we can even be competitive against them. I love coach Anderson, but he’s gotta get thrown out or at least get a technical after about the 3rd BS call. Nolan would have been all over the refs and starred them down and had them scared not to call the game fairly.

Gotta love the “they attack and we don’t” response. How are we gonna expect refs to respect us when our own fans don’t?

Given the screw job, ooor shooting and Macon injury, I was excited when we cut it to 6 with 3:35.

From there, the refs took back over. Berry bailout (sound familiar?) cross body block sealing Thomas for an uncontested dunk and then super weak offensive foul.

But it wasn’t just the foul disparity and the FT disparity it was the people who had the calls on them. Gafford got 2 really weak ones early and that essentially took him out of the game. His defense makes a huge difference for us.

Unc outplayed us and would have probably won, anyway, but they got the star treatment in a major way. It was bad.

The refs conveniently decided that a reach was a foul. In the first half I replayed the foul by Hall on Berry in slo-mo. Hall got all ball on Berry, and it went off Berry’s knee. It should have been our ball down by 4. Instead, they got 2 FTs from their best shooter, and it ignited the run at the end of the half that gave them a comfortable lead from which we were never able to recover. Same thing happened on Berry when we were about to make it interesting. Some of the offensive fouls were ridiculous, especially on Barford. Of course, Beard takes two steps and is able to knock Berry halfway across the court. Berry flops more than a fish on dry land.

Well while I tend to agree with ya on that 100%, I’m just stating the nature of the game.

Hogstats.com has this stat that tells the whole story. In last 16 seasons, Arkansas has had 3 games with 9 or less free throws and 19 plus fouls. Two of those games came against UNC in the last 8 months. Unbelievable.

What does it show when we played UNC under pelphrey?

Arkansas shot more free throws