8 for Omaha - from Baseball America


Thanks for the link… that was a nice article.

Arkansas has a chance to really help itself in the national seed discussion with its series against Tennessee this weekend. Tennessee is 8th right now in RPI; Arkansas is 5th. If the Razorbacks win the series, then that is a real feather in the cap, regardless of the Vols’ SEC record.

I hope the Hogs beat Tennessee! Winning as many of these last 4 series would do wonders for sure. The RPI of all
Of the last 4 conference opponents are good but Tennessee at 8, Texas A&M 13,
LSU 19 and Kentucky at 48! That’s not a cake walk. I’m hoping for 8-4 to finish conference play or better.
It would be nice to see 4 SEC teams in Omaha but the only team I’m concerned about making it is our Hogs!

An 8-4 finish for us would be awesome and virtually guarantee a national seed. It’s a doable task. Winning 3 this weekend will make it quite doable. We’d only need to win 5 of the remaining 9 to get to 20. Still, LSU at home is tough. We’ve always struggled with them even at Baum. Winning more than 1 against A&M down there will be hard. I expect to win the series at KY, but since it’s on the road, that won’t be easy, either, but that is a team we could sweep.

I like how things are stacking up for us. That sweep of MSU was really big for us. Put us in really good position. Just have to keep playing well.

Yes sweeping Miss St was huge. It be also be huge to sweep Tennessee. Winning the series against Tennessee is all that’s required just like the other 3 series that’s where I came up with 8-4 a sweep would be a bonus!
I think the hogs beat LSU and make a statement against them. The Texas A&M series will be tough but we should be able to win game 1 and either game 2 or
Game 3. Keep scoring runs and improve the defense. Pitching will be the deciding factor in these last 4 series.

The LSU series is in Fayetteville.

That’s what I said. “LSU at home”