8-4 for 2016?

The SEC West appears loaded as does the Hogs whole schedule. I’d like to think that something truly amazing happens this year and CBB can record his first 10 win SEC season, but I’m thinking 8-4 could be a very fine season.

I like how the defense is shaping up. But…

New starting QB. New starting RB. New featured TE. Perhaps a zero SEC experienced LOT. Those are huge unknowns to address.

Hopefully, I’m missing some positive surprise.

Should be a fun and interesting season.

I think that’s a good number. All depends on QB and the O-line.

I believe the D has a chance be more like the 2014 unit.

It will be an interesting year. ESPN has us as underdogs in 7 of our twelve games as of right now…

I think 8-4 would be a great season based on what we have coming back this year. I know some of the posters will flame me for not “expecting 12-0” like they do every year. I am just being realistic.

I think this team has a lot of challenges. I am always more concerned when you are breaking in a new unproven QB. He is going to make some big mistakes, you can count on it. I fear our offense could be more similar to 2013 than 2015. That is because of the new QB, new faces on OL, and backfield.

Defense could be salty and give the Offense a lot of opportunities to improve. Defense is going to have to win us some games, at least early in the season. I think our secondary will be vastly improved mainly because our front 7 will be so much better.

We will also need our kicker to be consistent and he may have to win us a game or two this year. We may have to settle for a lot more field goals rather than TD’s.

My personal belief is 6-6 or 7-5 is what I am expecting. Anything better is great. If this team somehow goes to the SEC CG, then CBB will be SEC Coach of the Year and maybe national COY.

We must start faster, remember TCU is game 2. I think that’ll be a good barometer of where we stand early in the year.
I’m not to worried at the QB postion, OL and LB’s yes. I do think that our situation at RB (unknown and young) will cause CDE to open up the playbook to take advantage of our WR situation (stacked)
Then you must have some breaks go you way during the year. Taking out LSU and Ole Miss 3 years straight, very daunting to say the least. Then there’s that team in Florida and the one in Tuscaloosa.

I can see 6-6 and 10-2

I’d take 8-4 right now. That would be a huge accomplishment everything considered.

I’d love it, but new QB, new TB, re-tooled OL. Last year our D was just terrible and special teams were as bad.

Part of me wants to think CBB will always have a solid OL, but our OL coach is new, we appear to have a VERY inexperienced LT, our stud RS frosh OL from MO (I’m blanking on his name) “plays the right side better than the left and tackle better than guard” so we may move Dan back to guard? Just makes me very nervous.

Do you remember what Hill did as a freshman to our defense? now he’s 2 years older and playing for a much better coach. and last year our D couldn’t cover me. very tough game 2.

All that said, I like our staff a lot. But our schedule is brutal.

so we win: 3 NC games, missouri, LSU (just because-don’t ask me why, I just think we roll them again) and I really like our chances at home late in season against Florida.

I would favor us against Misstake and A&M. we owe those punks.

I would favor Bama, Ole miss (man i wish that qb had gone pro!), TCU, auburn ( i hate even typing that, spit!)

Uhhh, looks like I just talked myself into 8 wins LOL!


Those first two games, are going to tell a lot…

Given all the questions on offense, eight regular season wins would surprise me.

I am not posting my prediction yet, but the reality is with our schedule we could have a “better team” than we had the last 2 years and have a losing record.

At this point I am thinking 5-7 to 7-5. I will wait until at least mid-August to make a pick and heck, I will probably get excited about all the great stuff we will all be reading at that point and go with 9-3! :smiley:

I don’t regret going to the SEC, but dang, it is brutal!

If we start 2-0, I think we get to 9 wins.

I agree about 9 regular season wins and and about the necessity of a win at TCU to get us there. I don’t really get why most are looking at OM and LSU as home losses. We have won 2 in a row against both, and we get both at home this year. I’m more worried about Auburn and MS ST, both on the road, than either OM or LSU.

CBB has proven how tough his teams are in Fayetteville the last half of the season. He was 3-0 in 2014 (GA loss was in LR), and 3-1 in 2015. We really should have been 4-0 in 2015 because we had MS St beat if we had just executed on a 30 yard FG in the last minute of the game. That would have let the Hogs finish with a 6 game winning streak (7 with the bowl) and an 8-4 regular season record.

Of course, this is predicated on minimal injuries and AA performing at least at a “good” consistent level.

No doubt that Arkansas has four challenging home SEC games this season. And no doubt that – regardless of whether expecting 7-9 wins is fair – fans will be very unhappy if the home defeats pile up.

Not just “oh well” unhappy. Not “we’ll get 'em next time.” Nope, I expect we’re talking about 2-2 at home being unacceptable to some and anything below that triggering an avalanche of negativity.

Winning on the road will not be enough. Razorback fans want to see the home field become an advantage. Must wipe last season out of our minds. The Hogs lost three home games! That is something only bad Arkansas teams had done. Going to a bowl after losing three home games was previously unheard of.

It’s absolutely insane that Arkansas was able to beat Tennessee, Ole Miss and LSU on the road + lose to Toledo, T-Tech and Mississippi State at home. The road wins are great and fun, but Arkansas needs a home field advantage really, really bad right now.

My thoughts exactly. An improved record against an even tougher schedule than last year while breaking in a new QB and 3 new starters on the O-line just doesn’t seem likely to me. We are going to be good, but so is everyone else. Maybe we can beat La Tech and not give away the A$M game. Maybe we win a close one with Miss Steak. That could give us a chance, but can we beat Ole Mess, LSU, Aubrun and Florida? I dunno. My early prediction is 6-6.