7th graders are different these days

this tweet says it all

7th grade doesn’t mean the correct age. Lots of them have been held back on purpose.


Very true

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as was true long ago, like Chris Bennett. He spent a year fishing between his 9th and 10th grade basketball years. I have seen adopted African kids who nobody knows their real age, some who have played for my daughter’s school. It is crazy competitive to get into kindergarten in Nashville (there is a match day) with most parents trying to use an extra year of pre-K to get their child into the school of their choice. I get what you mean Jeff, but it is still true that that vid is a 7th grader.

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Impressive. I watch a lot of 15 YO AAU basketball and you seldom see those kind of moves from them. That’s crazy…

I wonder if the baskets are moved down to 9 feet for this camp.

I coached AAU for about 13 years and I seen anything and everything. We were playing in a 7th grade tournament but there wasn’t enough 7th grade teams so we got pushed up to 8th grade. We made it to the semi finals and played a team full of grown men.

They had two kids over 6’5 and thick. Our tallest kid was around 6 foot and skinny as a rail. At half we’re down 15 or so and a nice lady comes down from the stands and puts her arm around me. She says hold your head high coach, three of those boys have been held back twice and aren’t eligible to play at their school. She said they shouldn’t even be out here, they should be in summer school.

I asked her how she knew all of this and she told me she taught them the year before. Not saying this is the case with the kids in the video but its very common place.


Seems like I read somewhere that Dr. J dunked for the first time in seventh grade.

Just imagine where they would be without the strong application of grade inflation.

I play with a lot of 7th and 8th graders. They do not look or play like that. If they did, I sure wouldn’t want to be on the same court with them. The best 7th grader I ever coached against, was a kid named Nolan Berry. There was a really tall older gentleman sitting on our opponents bench. His name was Easy Ed McCauley. He was an NBA Hall of Famer and Nolan Berry’s grandfather.He grew to be 6’ 10 and signed with Brad Stevens at Butler. Broke both arms doing a drill, and was never really the same player. Last I heard, he was playing overseas somewhere.