79% FT Shooting will get it done.

Well done guys!

They need to keep the good free throw shooting going. If they do it will help win a lot of games.

The free-throw shooting has been respectable the past few weeks. These are Arkansas’ totals the past five games:

UTA: 34-46
FIU: 21-34
CSU: 8-14
WKU: 9-16
UTSA: 27-34

That is 99-144, or 68.8 percent. I’ve always been told that 70 percent is the baseline and that is under it, but it is almost 10 percentage points better than the team shot in its first four games (59.6).

Matt you have a point but you can’t win close games when you can’t hit the free throw. One free throw wins the Texas game. The Western Kentucky game just a little more energy in any area of the game would have gotten them over the hump.
Gafford has been better at the line at times. Jones is normally money. Jones is reliable so is Harris. After that it hit and miss. Desi Sills is putting them in the hole.
As a team they need to improve. Without those tonight it could have been a loss.

Hit free throws. win games.

I believe (hope) it shows that the team has made it. Priority to work on FT shooting. When you look at most close games won or lost you can also look back FT shooting as a factor in both. There are exceptions of course when just sheer will & hustle wins out over poor FT shooting at the end.

Joe had a bad game or two, but he is an excellent free throw shooter. He will probably lead us this year in FT shooting. I think Keyshawn is a good free throw shooter. So, our guards will be fine. It is the bigs to worry about, Hopefully they will improve over time. Gafford and Bailey seem to have a good stroke, meaning they have potential. Chaney and Osabuohien are the ones that look shaky at this point.

In the end, it matters who gets to the line. In yesterday’s game, a good portion of the FTs were shot by the guards.


In the end, it matters who gets to the line. In yesterday’s game, a good portion of the FTs were shot by the guards.

[/quote]Yes, the guys who shot the poorest three and two pointers did not play a lot in the last four minutes.

I think the point of his post was that they have improved over the last 5 games from the first 4. I agree with him.

Your point is that they need to improve. I agree with that.

The only true bright spot of the loss to GA Tech
Hogs were 7/9 from the charity stripe.

78% tonight.

But I think those complainers will just move to something else. It’s easier that way.

Yes it is. The only problem tonight was taking too many 3’s without the ball going inside out and attacking the rim. They will have some ugly games and this is one of those.