78 Orange Bowl one of the alltime great games

was looking on youtube and this popped up! what a game!!


Interesting, Little’s first two kickoffs were short of the end zone. Then he boomed one into the end zone seats.

I tried for the longest time to watch the game replay on Hogs+. They could never fix the bug that wanted me to login, even though I was already logged in.

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Yeah he didn’t hit the first 2 very good but he had an incredible leg…yeah I have had some issues with Hogs + too.

Those full game replays are no longer there, at least I can’t find them.

Edit: Oops, OK, now that I said that I can’t find the full game replay, I did.

Full replay on Hogs+

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Looking at that video, and thinking about it, I’m guessing that the old field was artificial turf (and slick.) I’ve seen several tackles by the turf monster.

Yeah I think it had to be turf, they definitely had trouble with footage,


Watched on YouTube this game several times over the years, one of the best of Hogs games. WPS

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@Baumbastic_Hawg that turf monster is a killer. It got me in a Jr. High game cira 1964 in Grady Arkansas. I broke free on an off tackle play headed to the end zone. The 20 yard line apparently tackled me since there were no Grady players within 10 yards. My coach and I laughed about that for years to come.


1978 Orange Bowl was played on natural grass. They removed the Poly Turf after 1976.

Jeff H.

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Watched Little & Erxleben in pregame warm-ups before a game in Austin. They were in a friendly competition side by side & hitting 70+ yards out. Two of the best ever, along with Franklin at aTm.


According to the stadium’s Wikipedia page, it was 1975, but yeah we played Mobilehoma on grass.

Thanks for the update. It must have been really slick grass.

I vaguely remember that it rained shortly before the game, although I don’t remember any rain during the game. But then it’s been 45 years so…

The PolyTurf in Miami was a really weird color, almost blue, supposedly because of bleaching from the south Florida sun. PolyTurf is still around, under different ownership, and isn’t marketed for stadium uses any more.

I thought I remembered it raining before the game too, and seeing players with mud/grass stains on uniforms.

Jeff H.

There was a brief, pretty hard shower right before the game. OU used it as an excuse for it being to slick for them to run their offense. Did not seem to bother Sales!

Yep it was just slick on Ok’s side of the field :grin:, my uncle was whining about the wet field, I will never forget it. I remember telling him , Okla was drugged, the Hogs drug them from one end of the field to the other.

Here is a link to the full game including commercials. At the open you can see that it is pouring rain a short time before kickoff.

All those orange peels ferment in a combination of the South Florida monsoons and warm temperatures, specifically on the OU side of the field. Sales no doubt played wearing waders. The Oklahoma excuses flowed for generations until the Sooners had their revenge in the Cotton Bowl.

I’ll never forget this game. OU was stacked with All Americans; Holtz had just suspended four starters (including Ben Cowins). The OU crowd was cocky and arrogant – the Sooners were simply going to steamrole us!

Our Hogs were magnificent. And, Roland Sales was all world! It was such a pleasure sticking it to the Sooners – many fans had left by the end of the third quarter. We celebrated until the sun came up the next morning !!