7 wins equals the most wins since 2011

The losses this year have been awful, but from a purely win-loss perspective, we’re still ahead of last year. We’ve improved it every year under Bielema. We should beat MU. 8-4 is a very respectable record playing in the SECW. If we can win the bowl game, that’s 9-4 & nothing at all to be ashamed of.

The funny thing is how the season has gone. We manhandle UF, LSU manhandldes us. Then Fla beats LSU–all in 3 straight weeks. We beat Ole Miss who manhandled UGA who beat Auburn who manhandled us. MSU beat A&M badly. A&M beat us badly. We beat MSU badly. And the week after OM came from behind to beat A&M, they’re losing to Vandy.

The only constant this year is Alabama.

Yep. And even they looked mortal tonight before they got it in gear vs. Chattanooga.

Misery just gave up 63 to Tennessee. Expect another track meet in CoMo next week.


8-4 is better than many expected. The Oline is getting better so our Defense is the weakest of links.