7 thoughts from Arkansas’ exhibition win vs. UNT

Wrote about Stanley Umude bouncing back on Saturday, but wanted to go deeper on several other things from the game:


We have to get Jay Will healthy and back in the line-up. Backs are very unpredictable so let’s hope the spams “magically disappear” :slightly_smiling_face:

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Excellent observations. I especially agree with your observations on KK and Wade.

On Jaxson, I love his 3 point shot too, and hope he can start hitting it consistently. Based on just these first 2 exhibition games, I believe his D may hold his minutes down though. From what I’ve seen, he seems to struggle staying in front of guards and gets bullied a bit if he’s guarding a 3-4.

Buzz Williams leans so heavily on defense (maybe even moreso than Muss), I’ve thought that might have been why Jaxson was so limited in minutes last season.

If he starts hitting his 3 at a high rate, I think he can get quality minutes, especially in situations where he can guard a spot up 3 or 4 on our opponent. He’s still so young (should be a freshman), he’s got time to make big improvements in his defense.

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Good work Scottie, as usual. There is too much talent and coaching to think this team is not a Top Twenty team when we get a few games in. We may not be right now (this, of course, is relative to other teams before the season starts), but don’t forget, most of the top teams are depending on newcomers and have the same cohesive issues we have. Getting healthy and letting a few players merge talent with experience and we have the team we all expect. All the really good BB eyes on this board think KK is a special talent for the PG position and only a matter of time before he fits the parts together. This will make this team jump to another level and let a couple other players go back to playing in their comfort zone.


Eager to see the newcomers in person. I am looking for who on this team can create his own shot and score when defense locks down shooters.

Last year’s team had Moody, Smith and Notae who could do that. Tate started doing that late in the season. That is why they made second half runs and pulled close games out.

Looking forward to see who on this team can create his own shot and score other than JD? We need to have scorers to approach success of last year.

They were very, very good for the Hogs. Undervalued, perhaps, by the general Hog community. Smith, highly experienced in college vs great Big 10 competition, whereas Moody was a very high draft pick - and mature over his years.

I definitely didn’t put Moody in that category. Felt like when the defense got really tough and locked down shooters, Moody was the one getting locked down. Notae on the other hand could do it anytime against anybody.

From what I saw of him at Miami, Lykes can definitely create.

Yes, I was about to post the same. The only question I had on Lykes was if he was 100% healthy. I don’t know for sure if he’s 100%, but he appears to be close.

If completely healthy, once he gets totally comfortable with this offense and his roles (multiple), I believe he’ll become the engine that takes this team to (or above) the heights we saw last season.

He is definitely a candidate. Question with him is whether he will be in the game at crunch time when there is a need to create, if he is a defensive liability. It will be interesting to see how Muss handles him and hides his size or lack of it.

I’m betting on Notae being the man again this year when things get tight down the stretch. Lykes might end up being the #2 overall guard on the team, but I expect Notae to remain alpha. Big question on Lykes is defense, especially during crunch time, but I suppose if he can do it in the ACC he can do it here too.

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