7 pm on Saturday night. Who are the real candidates?

Haha if that’s what where down to and you take the TE coach then everybody on the hill deserves that firestorm and money backlash that will follow

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Chad + Aggie = Chaggie!:stuck_out_tongue:

Isn’t Harsin in the mix too? I didn’t see his name mentioned.

Not in what I saw elsewhere… insiders here may have heard different.

Geez… and I thought Bert was obnoxious :slight_smile:

Drink would be a step up. He wants to be here, had a good plan, interviewed well, and I think would be a solid hire. Need good coordinators.

Bartoo have anything on Drinkwitz?

I still remember where I was when he predicted on Bo’s show that Morris would be a disaster.

Not really - he shoes away from 1st year guys.

Pretty much what it appears.

Every great coach was an up & comer once that someone took a chance on.

Interesting that Drinkwitz with one year head coaching experience is more than Kirby Smart, Jeremy Pruitt, and Dan Mullen had. The question with Drinkwitz is has he ever been part of a rebuild? Pretty sweet situation he inherited at APPST.

well the program doesn’t have that much time before it’s lost lol